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  1. This means that the SAPD academy didn't like you, in valrise language; you suck ;(
  2. Name: Anonymous user Comment: I pay taxes and I am happy with what they choose to do with my money, it was a great event #Investigativejounarlismdead
  3. This can be L and A'd - Sold BP before the new server rules so I'm good xd
  4. Contact Trey Nakazato in game to buy it!
  5. Planning to make it an office of Legal Vision law Bureau^
  6. Those trees and the pole make it ugly and it is like not enough space to park things, was relocating to that bcz it was near and I liked that building
  7. Property relocation: Need to move this from here: To here:
  8. Title says it all, offer. BO: 1.5mil
  9. IG Name: Trey Garcia Bank Account: #9655 Any good lucks for future: This is just a game!
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