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  1. Name: Curtis_Barns - Property Type: House Reason: Hello I noticed that this property has no icon to purchase, as in changelog we could request for some to be set but not relocate. So I am kindly requesting it to be set. I would use this property as a county place to live. Thanks. Properties can no longer be moved! If you want to request a property at a new location, a new property is to be created if that new location is deemed appropriate for it! " Image:
  2. Name: Interior Change Type: House Reason: I want to change the interior of my house to a more fitting one. Image:
  3. Aircrafts: - Maverick Starting Bid 5M - BO 8M - Maverick Starting Bid 5M - BO 8M - Shamal Starting Bid 6M - BO 9M - Stunt Starting Bid 5M - BO 6M All for - 26M 2 Mavericks for - 12M ------------------------------- Cars: - Infernus (4x Available) Starting Bid 8M - BO 13M - Buffalo Starting Bid 2M - BO 4M - Journey Van Starting Bid 1M - BO 2M - Turismo Starting Bid 2M - BO 4M - Bullet Starting Bid 4M - BO 6M - NRG 500 (3x Available) Starting Bid 8M - BO 12M All Cars (1 each) for - 30M 4x Infernus for 30M
  4. This is your chance to buy a good property
  5. LV Pay N Spray Starting Bid 7M BO 10M SF Gas Station 5 Starting Bid 5M BO 7M Palomino 24/7 Starting Bid 3M BO 5M BB Seed Shop with Weed Seed Starting Bid 4M BO 5M 10 pots + RF Doors at LS BO 15M 20 Pots + Safe 3 at LS BO 20M 11 Pots + RF Doors at LS BO 16M 20 Pots + Safe 3 + RF Doors at LS BO 24M Richman Mansion With RF Doors Upgrade Garage Gate and more. BO 12M Richman Mansion with Gate BO 6M Temple Mansion (Next GS) with Gate BO 4M BUY ALL FOR 90M Fixed Price.
  6. - Safe level 3 house in Red County Starting Bid 4.5M BO 6.5M - Maverick Starting Bid 8M - Armoured Premier (1.5khp BP Wheels) Starting Bid: 1.5M BO 2.5M - Banshee Starting Bid: 3m BO SOLD
  7. Name: Curtis Barns Profile: https://panel-rpg.valrisegaming.com/player/curtis_barns Good luck with your life!
  8. Value 350k Starting Bo: 2.5m BO: 5.2m Dont waste your time if you aint offering
  9. theochris

    Selling stuff

    Pics of the Richman House? Also 2M for Palo Furniture.
  10. Name: Yard Request Type: House Reason: Need yard on my BB house and interior change to id 81 Image:
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