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  1. Robbery! N News ! Minor Robbery ! Market Jewelry's Robbery ! We (SAPD) received notification of the market jewelry alarm activation in the midst of the day ( Yesterday ). We quickly responded to the code 3 alarm, the kidnappers claimed to be holding a hostage, and the FBI negotiated a deal with them. The present LEO were given some orders, which they abided. A few minutes later, a shootout erupted as the two robbers attempted to flee in their grey premier from the jewelry's back gate. They were successfully neutralized by LEOs with the assistance of the FBI. Following that, a patriot and two random masked men fired their heavy weapons at the LEO. They were both taken down at different times and locations. The situation had been brought under control. Footage no1 of Jewelry's robbery Abraham D. Barbarossa Los Santos Police Department
  2. Public Opinion ! Public Interacting with the community ! no.1 On the 3th of May 2023, Officer Abraham and his fellow colleagues went on talking with the local civilians. Footage's being uploaded Abraham D. Barbarossa Los Santos Police Department
  3. N News ! Minor Normal day ! Palomino's ATM nuker apprehended ! An SAPD officer chased down a single ATM nuker in the late night of April 29th, 2023, who was eventually neutralized and arrested after a minor exchange of fire.xchange of fire. Footage's being uploaded Abraham D. Barbarossa Los Santos Police Department
  4. News ! Minor News ! SAPD's Interior has been remodeled ! Thanks to the government officials who made this possible, and especially to our SAPD Executives who paved the path for such renovation! Footage.no4 of SAPD New interior Abraham D. Barbarossa Los Santos Police Department
  5. Minor Shoot- Regular Day ! Minor Shootout with some vicious killers ! 21th April 2023 Late at night, two crooks driving a patriot were apprehended, having committed many murders. When LSPD officers attempted to peacefully discuss the situation with them, they were immediately gunned down, with some escaping alive and others being slain and finished off. Moments afterwards, three cops regrouped and put an end to the fighting by killing both suspects in a single shoot-out. Both felons who died and officers who were injured were dealt with. We are here once again to demonstrate that we are TRUSTWORTHY, DILIGENT, and CONSISTENT police officers in the service of the United States of America and its inhabitants ! Our top priority is your safety! Footage.no3 of Operation VM Abraham D. Barbarossa Los Santos Police Department
  6. Regular Day ! An arrested suspect's escape! 19th April 2023 A suspect was captured, handcuffed, and taken into custody about GS9. When our beloved officer Leona was being transported to SASP, his accomplice ambushed her and shot her. (In the interim, the prisoner disappeared) Fortunately, Officer Leona was able to be transported to safety by Official Officers. We transferred her bodycam into SAPD's PC after being reanimated to see what actually happened. As organized as ever, we were able to disarm every party to the conflict inside a random hardware store in Jefferson. Our loyal officers would do every effort to maintain order and the rule of law because they were concerned that the city of San Andreas would experience an upsurge in crime! Dear people, be safe, and thank you once more for your immeasurable support of the noble cause! Abraham D. Barbarossa Los Santos Police Department
  7. Incredibly Uncommon Situation ! The night of April 16, 2023, saw the kidnapping of 2 National Guard members ! 2 men of the national guard were abducted, held captive, and EXECUTED by 5+ heavily armed bandits on the night of April 16th, 2023, around 03CET. The national guard issued a request for any available police to join them in their struggle against the kidnappers moments after their deer companions vanished. I arrived at the meetup spot right away, joined by POI Arguila (and one other officer). The supposed offenders were then holding their fellow colleagues hostage when the NG General launched a planned attack on LMC Headquarters (Kidnappers Location). After the region had been stabilized and evacuated, tanks and hunters were deployed. We have eliminated at least 2 of the attackers, the general was killed along with one of his companions. For security purposes,The outcome of the situation won't be made public until further notice due to confidentiality concerns. We (SAPD) want to reiterate that your safety is and always will be our top priority ! Abraham D. Barbarossa Los Santos Police Department
  8. Another day in field as a peace officer with Officer Sara Arguila !
  9. Here is a situation that occurred also. Sara Aguilar, my faithful partner, diligent officer, and before all my remarkable companion and friend. That was a really exciting experience being able to work under these heavy pressures and yet remaining in perfect harmony, unity and calm. Officer Sara is a great model of what our state needs right now.
  10. Neutralized Bank Robbers at night of 11.April.2023 ! Urgent News ! On the night of the 10th of April 2023, in the city of Blueberry, a large-scale exchange of shots between the police and 7+ heavily equipped, (grenades and sniper used) criminals broke out. I, Abraham was paired with Cadet Sara Aguilar. We were on the scene along with other police officers, organized as always, We victoriously neutralized all the involved shooters except one sniper that escaped. We, as peace officers, strongly believe, with the financial support of the state GOV, we can repel every situation of this kind, thus keeping safe our dear US civilians. Several other situations of less scale occurred also and all of them were under control! One is deeply described by my partner Sara Aguilar. We thank you for your encouragement and aid to the good cause! Abraham Barbarossa Los Santos Police Department
  11. 4 months after his resignation, Barbarossa decided to reinstate into the police. Now, he's back into the 361 badge and uniform, serving once more the United States of America. Abraham D. Barbarossa Los Santos Police Department
  12. Originally, Barbarossa was born in the 1995s in a modest petty family that bore the name ''Stewart'' known to have tides with ancient scattered Jews from Israel. He was raised in California located in western America. His grandfather Aharon always used to tell him about the Lord God and their messiah who'll come down to set an earthly, visible kingdom in Israel. Although, Abraham had an unpretentious education. He had nothing to envy talking about intelligence, consequently, after getting his bachelor's in sciences of life, he proposed a study grant in Los Santos which he joyfully accepted. Thus, he moved to Los Santos, brilliant as ever, within 3 years he got his master's in art and language, U.S. jurisdictional system. Having experienced the low-born people's lives, he decided to apply for the local police department. As expected, he was accepted and made his way to become a police officer II, Since his twin brother Simon Stewart had resigned from LSPD, Abraham changed his family name to Barbarossa. In December 2022, Barbarossa resigned from his office for anxiety. He was reinstated back in April 2023 as a police officer.
  13. Another day in field as a peace officer with Officer Sara Arguila!
  14. DELETED Coordinated works of : @Lopez and @William Stewart
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