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  1. Smoke

    Survey Review

    Just the Pats no, remove them from banned and IA players, keep them to the ones who are really active. I like my patriot . Also l suggest keep the armours on vehicle but don't let them be OP like have window, wheel, and 3khp all three. Let them have like window with 3khp,BP with window and like now 3khp BP without window.. If this not possible rip l will support...
  2. BO starts from: 2.2m Buynow: 3m
  3. From here: To here with interior INTERIOR ID: 49 if don`t fit we can do it with INTERIOR ID: 112
  4. Do u accept trades? If so add me on discord l will drop u more info ⓀⒾⓀⓄ#9024
  5. Wheel upgrade BO starts from: 1.2m Huntley BO starts from: 1m Drop ur offers down,topic will be closed on 05.17.2022
  6. From here in SF : To here in BB with interior ID 23..
  7. 1.3m for the premier.
  8. @Lorenzo_Tabagot trade for u l want this patriot so much. We will talk about it on discord add me ⓀⒾⓀⓄ#9024.
  9. Same as Tbone 2 plates for me.
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