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  1. NOTED Giving max 5 minutes if somebody else want to add offer if nothing @Marquez P. drop me your discord for that time
  2. Noted Info: Topic will be locked later around 18 CET @Kevin. @Marquez P. You can both bid till then who will give the highest price and offer till 18 CET will get the property.
  3. BUMP Topic will be locked on 02/01/2023 and the property will be sold to the highest offer.
  4. Property value : 3.2m Property starting BO: 6M Buynow: 13m Note: All offers will be noted and will be sold to the highest and best price of all. Photos:
  5. It has safe lvl 2 600k is the BO l payed 700k so no l will not accept 250k if you agree on 600k its yours now.
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