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  1. Property NR: 3126 Property Type: Group HQ Photograph showing your property from multiple angles: I want to add two walls blocking the yard in the first photo, so then I can add a gate to the second photo
  2. It was meant to be a project to nationalize the hotel, giving the ownership to the state government and transforming it into a homeless shelter, so rent free for those who can't afford to buy houses.
  3. Luna Finch https://panel-rpg.valrisegaming.com/player/luna_finch
  4. Name: Luna Finch Type: Other Reason: Me and Chelsea Finch want to create a homeless shelter at Idlewood as one of our urban development projects. The rooms will be rentable for free instead of $5,000, and it will be advertised as a homeless service agency. So I would like to move property #1986 to Idlewood motel area shown below. Image:
  5. Do you also sell armour upgrade?
  6. I'm buying it, what's your in-game name?
  7. BUS TOUR INVITATION For the third campaign event, Governor candidate Luna Finch is organizing a bus tour around San Andreas. On 12.04.2022, at 19:20 CET, the convoy will depart from Los Santos City Hall and cruise around the State.
  8. Name: Luna Finch Property: The Clown's Pocket casino, NR 1131 Hello, I'd like to relocate The Clown's Pocket casino inside Paintball Arena (/gps 1074) at one of the available doors
  9. PUBLIC SPEECH INVITATION Governor candidate Luna Finch invites you to the second campaign event on 09.04.2022, at 19:00 CET. Located at Los Santos City Hall.
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