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  1. What is your in-game name? Roy_Carlton Which staff member banned you? Larry_Ozaak When did you get banned? 01/25/2023 What is the ban reason? Advertising other servers in group discords, while being in staff team. Personal comment Hello, I'm ashamed to be banned like this after being a staff team for like a week, I respect and understand your decision, and take full responsibility for it, I won't blame no one someone asked me to help them start their own server which i didn't even play in yet neither wanted any position in it so i posted it in two groups i owned which are Ceres and TCC discord i thought it will be okay since it's not Valrise discord but apparently i should have asked my senior staff before doing that, which was my biggest mistake, thank you everyone for this lesson and i'll make sure this will never happen again, I'm not in a position to ask for anything now but please do not punish the groups for their leaders slip, I was banned mid RP sit and I'm so happy to see how my members has grown from newbies/DMers to RPers striving for the RP group status, to finish my appeal it's only reasonable to say i am sorry about this slip i made, cordially Roy Carlton. EDIT: worth to mention, I deleted all traces of the advertisements and informed all people influenced by me to avoid it, I'm working on a bot to delete all links in the future.
  2. V:300k Will be sold when the offer Is good enough.
  3. ElChapo


    VIN: 5783 Change with level 4 armour premier + Level 2 BP window VIN: 14166 Change with level 4 armour premier + Level 2 BP window VIN: 17408 Change with level 4 armour huntley + Level 2 BP window Vin: 17187 Change with level 4 armour huntley + Level 2 BP window + BP Wheels DONE
  4. Hello can we have a garage here for The Carlton Crew please, Behind Dillimore ammunation. ID: 8 Please, as we're hiding our Mafia identity as mechanics.
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