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  1. Yard and for a house inside LS will cost 2.5m Contact any senior in-game
  2. Denied We do not move house from LS or any location to Richman / Mullholand
  3. You are not getting unbanned now, as you were given the chance. Try your luck if you get unban on mass unban date. But for now denied
  4. A casual patrol around Ganton and discovering new Grove
  5. Day 19th of May 2023 Alex Reynolds, a cadet with the Police Department, was promoted to Police Officer I today after successfully passing exam. Scene from taking the badge Day 20th of May 2023 Two weed fields were spotted, and it was cleared when at last moment a person tries to kill the officer which was taken down after some time. The suspect was given a chance to stay alive and get arrested, but unfortunately he shot at last.
  6. We do not provide interior gates for personal properties.
  7. When a 911 call came in reporting a hostage situation, it was a tense situation at Los Santos airport. The kidnappers had taken a hostage aboard a Shamal plane, and police were quickly dispatched to deal with the situation. Alex Reynolds and James Sheller, two officers involved in the incident, were among them. The police quickly surrounded the plane, hoping to contain the situation and bring the hostage out safely. Members of the NBA launched a surprise and cruel attack on the police. Five RPGs were used in total, resulting in numerous injuries and leaving both sides shaken. The police were able to get away safely and evacuated, but many of the criminals were severely injured. One was able to escape. Later today at night, Alex was set as cadet of police department and continuous to perform his duties as a dedicated officer.
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