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  1. The truth is I was going from 40km/h to 120km/h, but whenever that occured, my game got frozen for a second or two, that's why and how. Do you think I would risk my potential promising career in SAPD for installing speed hacks? I wouldn't bet on that, sorry. I must add that my colleague Lincoln noticed my FPS drops + lags which about we talked over the chats, you could check.
  2. What is your in-game name? Nenad_Kosoric Which staff member banned you? Salvatore_DeLuca When did you get banned? 04/07/20 What is the ban reason? Speed hacks Personal comment I've never used any legal nor illegal modification in my life. Lag/FPS drops are pretty common these days, I must say, but speed hacks? Absolutely no. I can provide my GTA folder or whatever needed. I'm banned unguilty, therefor I'm requesting an unban. Thank you very much.
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