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  1. Noted. I'm hoping for something better, so I'll give it a few days.
  2. Property NR: 734 Property Type: House Photograph showing your property from multiple angles:
  3. Value is 300k. Alarm lvl 4 and Radio installed. As you can see some minor modifications have been done to the exterior, along with the interior, feel free to pay a visit Make your offers.
  4. 14th of November 2022 The day was spent over at the Mountain Chilliad with the other Deputies, Sheriff Steele and Sergeant Harrison. We had the chance to get to know each other better, and were lucky enough to get out of the hike without a scratch.
  5. Property NR: 423 Property Type: House Photograph showing your property from multiple angles:
  6. 01st of November of 2022 The Day started by being called to DSD to Group Up. The plan was to execute some Property Search Warrants. The very first property we visited, we were greeted with guns blazing, so we had to fall back, and go to the other three locations on our list. Everything went smoothly with the other three locations. We had a few good finds but nothing too fancy. When we were done, we decided to try our first target again. Instead of taking our time and going through the main roads. We decided to take a more discreet route, went in and out as fast as possible. We were lucky enough not to get spotted. After we were done with the Property Search Warrants, we responded to a couple of backup calls before heading back to DSD to Debrief. Everyone was unavailable so I went ahead and patrolled around the county on my own for a while. A Property Alarm went off at Commerce, seeing as everyone else was busy I responded. I got there, stormed the building in hopes of finding the Person that broke in, but instead I was greeted with another pleasant surprise. Continouing I responded to a couple of Dispatch Calls, about Alarms that were going off in the state, but without much success. It was a nice and calm Shift. Hopefully more like those will come my way.
  7. Reserved for future use, the topic will be updated in due time, and more will be added to the story.
  8. The Story of Deputy Sheriff Konstantinos "Kostas" Evans Born on 21st of May 1987 at London. The son of Jethro Evans and Magda Evans. He spent his early life at London, working as a Car Mechanic. On 21st of May he moved to the United States, at Arkansas. Where he continoued working as a Car Mechanic. On May of 2019, he joined the Police Academy of ARPD. Through hard work he was eventually promoted to a Sergeant, but after not long, the downfall of ARPD began. At the end he knew, it was time for a fresh start. On the 15th of October 2022, he decided to move to Los Santos, in pursuit of a new Carrier. He applied for the San Andreas Sheriff's Department as soon as he moved in, with the hope that his past in the ARPD would grand him a chance to join their Academy, which it did. He passed the Academy and was promoted to a Deputy Sheriff Probationary on 28th of October, 2022.
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