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THE SAN ANDREAS GOVERNMENT in cooperation with



Incentive program

This program is established by the Governor's Office in cooperation with the Academy Division of the San Andreas Police Department. The purpose of this program is to attract new recruits and boost the reputation of policing and the hiring process. The Government of San Andreas is now offering a $25,000 and a $75,000 signing bonus to recruits that successfully graduate from the Police Academy and/or become a Senior State Trooper.


The $25,000 signing bonus will be paid after graduating from the Police Academy to the rank of State Trooper.

The $75,000 signing bonus will be paid to recruits who participate in this program and be promoted to the rank of Senior State Trooper.


Recruits participating in this program are acquiescence to the conditions stated below. 



  1. Participants in this program must have an in-game activity of at least 20 hours per month after signing up for the Police Academy.
  2. The $25,000 signing bonus requires completion of at least 2,5 months employment.
  3. The $75,000 signing bonus requires completion of at least 3,5 months employment.
  4. Participants must successfully complete the Police Academy.
  5. Participants cannot be disciplinary punished during participation in this program.
  6. A recruit can only participate in this program once.
  7. This program does not apply to reinstatements. 
  8. The activity requirement as a recruit (see #1) must be maintained as a State Trooper to be eligible for the $75,000 signing bonus.
  9. All usual application and Police Academy requirements apply to the participants of this program.  


We wish all participants the best of luck during the application process and their police career! Applications are opened until the 24th of January.




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The academy division thanks the Government for it's effort and support towards our division.

We promise to deliver a new, better and stronger generation of Cadets in order to change the SAPD forever.

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