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Server Rules


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1. Accounts:

  1. Do not share your account.
  2. Do not use multiple accounts; play from only one.
  3. Do not use tools to hide your identity.
  4. Use appropriate names without symbols or famous names.


2. Chat Usage:

  1. Avoid spam or all-caps messages.
  2. Use English in public chats.
  3. No advertising for other servers or malicious websites.


3. Behavior:

  1. Be respectful and considerate.
  2. Roleplay disrespect must fit the situation.
  3. Avoid disruptive and immature behavior.


4. Bug and Exploit Use:

  1. No using game bugs or exploits for advantage.
  2. Do not misuse scripts or hacks.


5. Use of Hacks or Advantageous Mods:

  1. No use of hacks or advantageous modifications.

6. Common Sense:

  1. Use common sense, avoid unfair advantages.
  2. Actions causing discomfort or disruption are not allowed.
  3. Do not assist others in breaking rules.


7. Administrator's Decisions:

  1. Follow admin decisions; they consider unique circumstances.


8. Punishment Evasion:

  1. Do not evade punishment or leave during admin communication.


9. Trade or Sale:

  1. No trading game items or accounts for real money.


10. Reports:

  1. Only report actual rule violations.
  2. Do not fabricate evidence or make false reports.




1. Powergaming:

  1. Do not force actions upon other players without giving them a chance to respond.
  2. Do not roleplay the use of items you don't possess through scripts.
  3. Avoid roleplaying actions that are physically impossible for a human, like killing with one punch.

2. Metagaming:

  1. Do not use out-of-character information in-character.
  2. Do not share in-character information in out-of-character chats.
  3. Do not act on information obtained through out-of-character means.

3. Failure to Roleplay, Poor Roleplay, Unrealistic Roleplay:

  1. Roleplay is mandatory; refusing for any reason is not allowed.
  2. Only administrators can pause an active situation.
  3. Avoid inappropriate roleplay (sexual, gore, etc.) without consent.
  4. Roleplay /seat, /drag, /(un)cuff, /(un)tie actions
  5. Stay in-character; use appropriate in-character chats.

4. Fear Roleplay:

  1. Roleplay fear when outnumbered (three or more opponents if alone, five or more if two).
  2. Not mandatory when both sides have larger numbers (over three players on each side).


5. Character Kill:

  1. Group leaders can character kill members as long as sensible reason exists.
  2. Players committing character kill to avoid court consequences require management approval.
  3. Once character killed, your name must be changed.




1. Deathmatch, Killing, and Dying:

  1. Only kill another player with a reasonable in-character cause.
  2. Avoid petty reasons for killing, such as insults.
  3. Roleplay knife actions before killing; no backstabbing in the middle of combat.
  4. No revenge killing; wait for a scene to conclude before returning.
  5. Do not influence a scene after death; wait for it to finish.
  6. Do not request backup for minor situations.
  7. Do not kill a friend or ally to prevent seizure or robbery.
  8. No returning with a new explosive after dying in a previous situation.
  9. Criminals must issue a warning to on-duty EMS and allow 10 seconds for compliance before shooting.

2. Robberies and Kidnaps:

  1. Do not rob or kidnap new players (under level 5).
  2. Frisk before seizing or robbing items.
  3. Do not randomly rob knocked players without scene involvement.
  4. No stickup robberies; "/s STOP HANDS UP" actions are not allowed.
  5. Avoid kidnapping in high-activity areas (City Halls, Police Departments, etc.).
  6. Only rob a phone or walkie-talkie during a kidnapping scenario.
  7. Robbing from group or police lockers prohibited without management permission.


3. Safezones:

  1. No shooting, kidnapping or robbing within safezones.
  2. All government buildings are safezones (police departments, hospitals, fire departments, city halls, ...)
  3. Group headquarters with marked zone on the map are considered safezones.
  4. Casinos are considered safezones.


4. Aiding:

  1. Players can only aid each other if:
    1. They are in the same scripted group.
    2. They are in the same scripted squad.
    3. They are in different scripted groups but under same scripted alliance.
    4. Players that aren't in criminal groups may aid police when directly asked by police in a scene.




1. Gambling:

  1. Gambling scams are not allowed inside casinos.
  2. Use scripted methods to prevent being scammed.
  3. No refund if scam occurs and it was preventable.


2. Property Scams:

  1. Property scams are not allowed.
  2. Victim will be refunded if scam occurs.


3. Vehicle Scams:

  1. Vehicle scams are not allowed.
  2. Victim will be refunded if scam occurs.


4. Illegal Scams:

  1. It is allowed to scam in illegal deals (drugs, weapons, ...)
  2. No refunds unless the scammer broke a rule (ie. quitting in deal)




1. Vehicles:

  1. Do not carjack players unless they're actively being pursued.
  2. No standing on moving vehicles (carsurfing), except on specific ones.
    1. Allowed vehicles for carsurfing include dumper, bobcat, patriot, flatbed, walton, etc.
    2. Exception for kidnapping victims in the trunk.
  3. Avoid intentionally reckless driving causing collisions.
  4. No parking vehicles on top of other players (carkill).
  5. Limit on-foot rams during shootouts.
  6. No using helicopters or airplanes to ram players without admin permission for events.




1. Law Enforcement (and Military):

  1. Law enforcement can open fire on vehicles aiding a pursuit if they interfere.
  2. No intentionally suspecting players randomly for annoyance.
  3. No suspecting players with intent to increase their wanted time.
  4. Special vehicles "Hunter," "Hydra," "Seasparrow" can only engage fleeing aircraft, not ground targets.
  5. "Rhino" and "AC130" use requires management permission.
  6. No annoying or disruptive behavior without reasonable purpose.
  7. Corrupt activities need prior management permission with in-character justification.
    1. Petty corrupt activities that don't cause major financial loss don't need permission.
  8. Law enforcement can shoot suspect vehicles if rammed on-foot, only at the incident location.
  9. Drive-by shooting allowed if suspect fired at law enforcement and meets below criteria:
    1. The suspect has at any point opened fire at law enforcement.
    2. The suspect is driving a high-speed or armored vehicle or has passengers driving by.




1. Generally:

  1. All jobs must be utilized for their intended purpose, in the intended way.
  2. Any abuse, misuse of a job may result in punishment

2. Firefighter:

  1. Firefighters cannot use fire extinguisher, chainsaw, or water cannon against players.

3. EMS:

  1. Medics cannot participate in turf wars.
  2. Players cannot join EMS duty solely to revive friends or allies.

4. Mechanic:

  1. Players cannot join Mechanic duty solely to repair friends' or allies' vehicles.




1. Jewelry Heist:

  1. Hostage advised but not required.
  2. Negotiator check allowed for hostage status.
  3. Police may breach if no legitimate hostage.
  4. No harm to compliant hostages.
  5. Hostage must be released after the heist.
  6. No aiders outside /heist members.
  7. No tactical forces or allied groups.
  8. Drive-by allowed for both parties.


2. Bank Heist:

  1. Hostage advised but not required.
  2. Negotiator check allowed for hostage status.
  3. Police may breach if no legitimate hostage.
  4. No harm to compliant hostages.
  5. Hostage must be released after the heist.
  6. No aiders outside /heist members.
  7. No drive-by except for aircraft or NRG-500.
  8. Situation can result in a shootout.


3. Securicar Heist:

  1. No tactical teams or allied groups.
  2. /Heist Securicar members only aid.
  3. No drive-by allowed.
  4. Uninvolved players cannot disrupt the heist.
  5. Police can respond to hijacking alert.


4. Trafficking Mission:

  1. Police not alerted or allowed to participate.
  2. Shoot on sight allowed for all parties.


5. Smuggle Mission:

  1. Police not allowed to participate.
  2. Shoot on sight for carriers and aiders.
  3. Proximity damage not reportable.


6. Plane Smuggle Mission:

  1. Shoot on sight allowed for all parties.
  2. Kill attempts for plane and loot looters.
  3. Police allowed without Hydras, Hunters, or Tactical Teams.


7. Drug Run Mission:

  1. Police not allowed to intervene.
  2. Shoot on sight for drug van transporters.




1. Turf Rules:

  1. Only turf defender group and allies can attack turf attackers.
  2. Job abilities and vehicles are prohibited in turfs.
  3. Police may not intervene until the turf stops flashing.
  4. Explosives allowed in turfing, except aircraft IEDs.

2. Attacks:

  1. No attacks near group headquarters without admin authorization.
  2. Hostile actions include shooting, kidnapping, robbing, etc.


3. Group Rules:

  1. "Passive" group is a group that wishes to have no enemies or allies.
    1. They cannot engage in turf wars.
    2. They cannot attack, in any way, any other group members.
    3. They cannot join alliances.
    4. They can defend their drugs (weed field, heroin shack, journey van) if attacked.
  2. Business groups must utilize vehicles appropriate for the group specialization.
    1. Furnishing group may only possess vans and pickup trucks.
    2. Trucking groups may only possess trucks and vans.
    3. Taxi group vehicles must have taxi sign attached on roof or dashboard.
    4. Only rental and dealership groups may possess sports vehicles for purpose of selling and renting.
  3. Do not store illegal items in business group vehicles or properties.
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