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Aki Vercetti (ex Gambino)


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Hello, I'm Aki, and today I decided to write my In Character story for the notorious Aki Gambino, so I hope you'll like the story, you may seat back now and enjoy my topic, I gave my best to edit it as much as possible and give it a touch of love, as this is my best character so far, and the first, real character and the one I really enjoyed playing as.


Name: Aki Vercetti

Age: 31

Birth date: 7th of June, 1992

Residence: Richman, Los Santos


Aki Gambino was born on 7th of June, 1992 in Sicily, Italy. He was born in a wealthy and happy family with his mother and father. His family and him were living in Scopello, the northwest corner of Sicily, a fascinating village of Italy, small but yet beautiful. 

His family had ties with local mafia organizations which led his family to involvement of drugs, guns and any possible crime that could have been committed in Sicily. Particularly, his father was searched by Italian Feds, at first, Aki wasn't planning to be involved to any of this, but how they say: "Like father, like son".

The Downfall

Surprised or not, Aki's father got killed by a rival mafia boss, Feliciano Alonge, who later on got arrested for murder and drug trafficking. As Aki was too young, him and his mother moved in a small house where Aki's grandmother was living, and it was so small and rusty compared to a mansion he was living in before. That awakened a beast in him, he just couldn't stand the struggle him and his mother are going through all because of Feliciano. Slowly, Aki was growing and becoming a man, whilst his path was leading him through the selfish world, Feliciano and his mafia were growing bigger and bigger, even police or the Federals couldn't do anything about it. 

The Revenge and The Rise

Aki got in a big game around the streets. He became famous in the village for his sales. Whatever you needed, you'd come up to him and get it, whether it be drugs (any kind) or the guns, or even a kill. All of that didn't matter to Aki at all, all he cared about was his revenge, he wanted to kill Feliciano so bad. He met a few people on his path to success who he could trust by now. They were some kind of a local gang in the village. Aki took his group of friends with him, prepared with guns and vests, and that night, 12th of December, 2008, Feliciano Alonge was found dead in his office. Investigators of Feliciano's body reported  that 12 wound of gun shots were found on his torso, while his neck was cut, believed with a knife. Now, everyone couldn't stand against Aki or his members, he had everything. However, Aki's ambitions were far beyond the limits of his village, he wanted more. He decided to give it a rest at the village, he retired for a few years and then, out of nowhere he decided to take his money and leave, not just the country, but the whole continent.

New Life

After Aki's decision, which came out of nowhere, he moved to Los Santos, North America. At first he thought he was ready for all the danger or whatever could come up to him, but he was wrong. The streets of LS were always dangerous, and Aki wasn't used to that because in his village there weren't so much of competition. He encountered many differences, from cultural, to language difference, all the way to criminal differences as well as Federal ones, but Aki's determination never changed. Even though he was unfamiliar with the territories he walked through, his street skills and knowledge made him keep up. 3 years ago, Aki crossed his paths with The Gambino Family, a notorious family mafia that nobody could overcome, once he met the Don, Carlo Gambino, the Don saw the potential in Aki. Soon enough, Aki proved his loyalty and trustworth, which later on gave him the enough requirement for joining of The Gambino Family. As all the Family members welcomed Aki. He became a new and the youth of the Family. Now, Aki looks for the domination he deserves.


Today, Aki Gambino is a Caporegime of The Gambino Family, well-trusted and loyal member of La Familia de Gambino. The Gambino Family faced a lot of ups and downs but never backed down, they were always on top, and always will be. Gambino Family On Top, Gambino Family For Life.

Future is now.







Edited by Aki
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