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Tony_Escobar banned by James


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  • What is your in-game name?
  • Which staff member banned you?
  • When did you get banned?
  • What is the ban reason?
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    Greetings,I heard some of stories which made me confused, the guy called James got banned from this server and the reason was "Ban Evading Tony Escobar". Im here for tell you guys something and apologize cause of my past behavior. First of all,the James guy was George Mkhedrion, my In Real Life friend, we used to play together before I get banned, we made Mkhedrion crew 8 months ago, the James guy was in the crew too but he changed name smh, we were 7  guy in the crew, I have no idea why you expected that he was ban evader as I'm sure he was using his main,non VPS IP adress. anyways it was not me and I hope that wouldn't ruin my appeal chances(He is my irl friend and that's how I get notified about this all). 


    if you guys still don't belive that it was not me, check the logs of Tony Mkhedrion, check with who I was roaming around and you will see, George Mkhedrion, AND if you think he is not James, check pervious names, he renamed his name from George Mkhedrion. 

    I'm banned since 9 motnth,Thats more than half year, my behavior is clearly changed and improved in the good case. After 9 months Im still sayin' that I have not used the nospread or norecoil by force and I literally had no idea if there was any type of norecoil inside my GTA ( as it was not clearly named file,like Nospread.cs,Norecoil.cs or any other obvious name of file which tells you thats a cheat). I guess this sh1t was inside noshadow.asi or somewhere else where I had no idea(I have used the random 1MRP GTA and thats why I guess,these guys are full with stuff like that and I had NO IDEA).

    I am down to force me on the ANY powerfull,ANY NON-BYPASS-ed Anti Cheat(Btw I have no idea how to bypass that shit and Im not interested too) and I will use them, even it will be CAC or something EXE,ASI file, I don't care, I will use them all and prove that im legit. 

    Btw even menu users are playing on Valrise and you guys don't do shit and you hunt to legit players cause they shoot good ? pepe_kek.png



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Hello, Tony_Escobar!


Thank you for submitting an unban request, our staff members will review it shortly. Until then, follow some of these instructions:

  1. Do not message staff members to review your unban request, it will result in extension of its reviewal time.
  2. Be honest and do not attempt to lie to us. We will deny your request upon discovering lies.
  3. Getting banned multiple times is a serious concern and should not happen at all. With every ban your chances of unban are reduced.


In the meantime, do not attempt to ban evade. That will directly lead to denial of your request.

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