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[FiveM] RP

Found 8 results

  1. Dear players, We would like to announce good news, which is - we will be shutting down the RPG server. "Wa.. wait, you said good news? how is that good?". Well, we will revamp the server, since we noted the matters that caused the server to not progress and that put it in a stagnant state. I'll briefly write down a few things, and those are: web registrations will be removed, the gameplay features will be simplified, and we will reduce the server roleplay level from medium to light roleplay, meaning we will also remove the OOC and IC rules. We will focus on creating direct an
  2. Get your cash READY, because discounts are coming! NEW packages are online already and can be found at: https://panel.mudoogaming.com/donate/rpg Hold tight for the holiday deals which will be announced coming Tuesday 26th!
  3. Grab your discount now before it is too late! First donate for some MudooCredits, then get your donator package with discount. This leaves you some spare credits which you can spent one some of the small packages. Whoop whoop, more packages and perks for the same amount of credits! New to donators! Your name on our panel AND main website forever, because you have supported this community and we are thankful for that! Donator only clothing and furniture on our RPG server with one of the donator packages (will be released soon). More to
  4. Today, Mudoo released with its first server version, and since you guys and girls are the ones that make Mudoo a community, and are the pillars of it, we would like you to submit us with feedback about what you would like to see changed or improved in the server. We will regularly update the server in the coming days and weeks, changing it according to your feedback.
  5. Hello dear players of Mudoo Gaming. We are back! It's only been 3 months since we closed the RPG server for further development and basically resurrection. Well, we've done it and added 15,871 new lines to the code. The server is now ready for a public release, with many, many more features. Let's go further into this... What do we offer now? Well, let me just list about everything important. Ingame registrations, no more panel trouble! Tutorial, at any time, and upon registering, but it's optional, not forced! Tips, for
  6. Hello our dear players! It's been a week since we re-opened the server, and the amount of players, support and positivity within the community certainly overwhelmed us! We wish to thank you all for joining our community and playing on our server. Now we're gonna close.... nah this adventure has only begun. @LocMax and myself are working actively on adding suggestions that you submit and repair bugs that you report. We will have regular updates that will address all the issues and have new additions. We apologies once again for the multiple server crashes we had the past
  7. Hello dear players. After the previous great announcement we made in October, we come back a few months later with a tremendous announcement. We will be releasing the server on Saturday, 23rd of December, 2017. Is this a Beta release or a full release? This is a full release, however, there might be bugs discovered during gameplay, as it is expected since only a handful of people tested the server and developed it. The real test will be when all of you come in and use the features for the first time, as that is when the most of bugs will be found
  8. Hello dear players We have a great announcement to make, so get your balloons, champagne and party hats, because we're going to be opening the server, this Saturday (21/OCT/2017), for an open alpha run, in order to see how the server will behave in environment with a bunch of players. How is it going to work? Well, we will create registration invitation codes which we will publish on our discord. Those registration invitation codes will be needed, because registrations are through a panel. Don't worry though, we won't require a character story an
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