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  1. What is your in-game name? Chiro_Brix Which staff member banned you? Matthew Reiner When did you get banned? 11/27/2022 What is the ban reason? Desc label abuse Personal comment So,hi.This is second time coming here asking for a unban.First of all i apologise for all my wrongdoings.The reason behind this ban is "desc label abuse".Infact i didnt know what that was till today,i just saw a friend doing it,then later on i typed a text something that has to do with "Brix" as my last name,as i said we play good.I didnt know that writing that was abusing.Also,since i got unbanned,i tried to keep my punishment history so clean.I didnt get any punishment just yet,and i truly apologise,and please give me another chance for this.I didnt know that was abusing.Im sorry. Yours truly Chiro
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