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  1. I want fist icon with "Murka" in the middle my bbg plz obey me and do it right.
  2. What is your in-game name? Elis_Yanovich Which staff member banned you? Benson_Andolini When did you get banned? 10/29/2022 What is the ban reason? Using g-menu Personal comment i would like to add that the Gmenu was in another language so i was unable to read it and didnt know what half of the commands did. Hello today i got banned by benson for using Gmenu (game fixer) however i had no idea what it can be used for and i only used it for 3 things -Silence in game noises apart from gun sounds -Change Dgl noises -Change hitsound i have never been banned before on valrise for hacking/using menus and have a cean record i would like to sincerely apologize and it will never happen again. it just got explained to me to what it can be used for and i was un-aware of this. i will be willing to play on CAC or play on a gta given by admins.
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