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  1. @Jelly Lets just try to conclude this endless debate by telling me if this was the right and fair way of handling things as a Manager. We weren't even reported and as I previously mentioned completely about how I felt and then handled that situation with Elias. All I wanted was to create a fun scenario if possible but here I was portrayed as a guy who possesses some kind of DM lust and went for DM on sight. I don't even blame Elias now and all I want is for Managers to revoke the punishments and add the group points, and to shine more light on this matter with a clear set of rules so that it doesn't happen again. I have been a loyal player of this community since the very beginning of mudoo with clean punishment history and never have witnessed such ways of punishing players like this, sadly my members were the first ones to experience this unusual way of handling things.
  2. @Silvester_Aaron Oh my dear, your trash words won't effect me. Actually you have one similar attribute with those you are favoring, you just jumped to the end part and ignored beginning. Let me remind you that it was you who decided to first punch his way out of 5 men aiming guns at him after 10 TONN Huntley rammed him and he possibly should have gone in Coma. Where was the RP then ? eh ? So stop impersonating as a joker and get well soon buddy. The next time you visit any turfs for active suspects in a cruiser, I would just have to ram you and voila into the Coma hhhh. Stop making fun of yourself, a kind and humble request. You said that I cried on small punishments like warnings ( Which would actually deduct group points, not that you have been a part of actual roleplay group that you'd know ) but what you so miserably fail to notice is that I am not just talking about my own here, I am talking about all of my members here who were unjustifiably with no fair judgement were punished. However the one who actually got bipolar and went on rping as being in Coma after a single warn of " No gun fear " was you my dear friend.
  3. @Elias Carter I was unaware of the fact that you actually did not posted any reports against me or my members until lately and as you can see I mentioned it in my previous comment which was completely ignored by administration AGAIN. That is the sole reason I pointed out the facts of that video being edited and trimmed assuming it was used as mere evidence, not knowing that it was for entertainment purposes. Many claimed that I possess some DM lust ( Go check my punishment history ). The very fact that I intended to kidnap Dinghy rather then just kill him on sight explains alot. I approached Elias because I wanted to create a scenario in which it would show that he came to the wrong place at the wrong time and saw the scenario of me being involved in an active kidnapping, hence I tried to engage RP with him which couldn't last longer. I had a little conversation with my friend Rooney and he shed some light on the matter saying that he was responding to the situation in LV, however saw the dispatch message of me being near LS-LV toll and decided to deal with me along the way. What he failed to observe was that I was backed by the mob of 11+ men and we had our guns aimed on Elias as we were engaging our roleplay with him. So they gave the warnings ( /b2 ) on behalf of SAPD department and Elias being an officer made him a potential target in my sight no matter if he personally warned me or not, because /b1 /b2 /b3 warnings are laid on behalf of whole SAPD department not for an individual officer. So this proves that Elias had nothing to do with the cruiser showing up specially to defend him, but on that very moment we thought otherwise because we were unaware of him using Shadowplay and merely thought that he called OOC backup. Now I think I failed to see or catch up to any rule that would state " Suspects should retaliate only against those individual officers who engage them by verbal warnings ". Now the questions arises why didn't I run away. Sirs I was already there doing my act when Elias approached us un-intentionally, it was not me who chased him or decided to forcefully catch him, as I mentioned previously that once he came near to us at that crime spot, we decided to create a scenario which was miserably interrupted. @Silvester_Aaron I think either it was you or someone else using your name who decided to scam me in a deal and when caught after a little chase showed no gun fear and unrealistic RP against 4 to 5 armed men aiming at you and decided to punch his way out. So please kindly stay out of this. Once you were warned by an admin and you were forced to continue RP ( Which you clearly didn't want to coz " I wanna go off, i wanna go off " ) You rped injuries and PEOPLE Guess what injury he got. He rped going into COMA for getting rammed by huntley of 10 TONNES just to avoid me from continuing my RP. I bet you do that every single time when you are rammed by any vehicle. You were warned again by Leonard and were forced to comply and drop your drama. So it concludes to that you should't even try to act as if you are a victim of UNrealistic Roleplay. The punishments that were laid upon us were clearly unjustified as we weren't actually reported, and neither that video was posted as evidence against our acts. You saw it as an opportunity and you availed it quite smartly. Because if we talk about engagements and DM, my friends posted tonnes of videos on this very topic which clearly shows that even troopers Dm'ed civilians who were passing by with no engagements at all ( Loved the part where Marcello tried so hard to bring troopers in their senses and still got killed in the end ) and these videos were never considered nor were the PD troopers were warned, so how come you decided to punish us on the basis of an edited video that was supposed to be for entertainment purpose not for evidence. The maximum you could have done would have been verbally warned us regarding the situation, just because you thought it was wrong and you saw it within your perspective but you decided to warn and weap ban us. Quite fair I must say. @LocMax
  4. My dear there is a station at palomino creek aswell with Pd vehicles parked around it, and you are missing the point here my friend. Elias came to the wrong place at the wrong time and did not even reported us, however we were punished on the basis of an edited video.
  5. Even after showing so many facts about the situation only for you to ignore, would you care to tell me if I was even reported or anyone from my followers ? You just saw the edited version of the vid and decided to punish over it anonymously. I think you were looking for an opportunity to fuck with us and you got it right there. Am just curious regarding the reports so please fill me in. Took you 3 to 4 hrs to punish us, quiet tiresome work you have been doing. @LocMax
  6. My point is that my men were wrongfully punished that's all. You just posted a cut version of video, you didn't even report and admins decide to punish those who were involved according to the cut version of video.
  7. In this uncut version you can identify the trim between 2:03 & 2:04 slightly after he wrote ( /be second ). I told you this guy actually force crashed, and I fell back to the tolls. Then he relogged and my men had a hold of him, so I came back toward him. All that part is removed and clipped to the moment where he was shot.
  8. What I did was correct on the simple fact that an on duty officer showed up at an active kidnapping and I just disabled his vehicle. He was outnumbered by my people and I ordered him to exit his vehicle ( Clearly to be seen even in this edited video ). His colleagues decided to respond to the active situation and got him killed. I even quoted Rooney's reply to me after we had a little chit chat only to be ignored.
  9. Emphasis on the word " might ". Please go and get your facts straight. Don't interfere if you are not aware of the situation.
  10. After I talked with rooney look at what he said. RooneyToday at 2:59 PM It clearly shows "LS-LV REPORTS A FUCKING BITCH NAMED JAMAL ANDAKHA - GO AND FUCK HIM"
  11. You guys are so funny, didn't even bothered to watch the video completely and notice the fact that I tried to commence RP, or else why would I walk like that and approach him with the intention of DM ? If I wanted him knocked he wouldn't be able to record 1:11 long video, it would have been done in seconds. However I decided to approach him and had a RP planned for our so called Lonely Cop. Until Rooney arrived and decided to lay warnings on which I retaliated as I had 15 men behind me. Even in this trimmed and clipped video you can notice that Ramon tried frisking Elias, while I approached him to commence RP until Rooney swooped in. I don't know what would you have done in my situation but I believe I did right. Also what's with the punishment without Admin sit and consulting with other party ? Seems like you already had decided the punishments without even caring to listen to us. The conversation and arguments were made after we were punished anonymously.
  12. At the car yes, as you can see I tried to stop him by ramming first, and even after his engine got damaged he again tried /engine to escape and evade. Clearly you ignored the other proof's and facts I mentioned and again used a clipped video as evidence.
  13. (( Here are few parts of our conversation which dear mathew clearly forgot to mention )) You see this is where he bragged about the proof and evidence regarding any megaphone message in the situation to justify my actions, as soon as I showed it to him our lovely mathew jumped to another useless fact to defend his puppet, giving my details no consideration. However, to conclude this, here are few rules that I managed to learn from my own personal experience. The rules that were supposedly locked up in C's head. The rules are to favor and bring balance among Cops and Criminal's, as everyone clearly knows that PD is mostly the victim and is very weakened and contains concise and limited boundaries. So kindly note these rules as they were just revealed to me in this specific situation. 1) You being as suspect are allowed to retaliate against the cop who gives you warn. ((like /b1 /b2 /b3)) 2) You are not allowed to touch any PD officer until he says a word to you. 3) In moment of heat and battle, when there are 10 cops, you must focus on who shot you first, so that you can return fire. 4) Remember you are not allowed to harm other officers inside the cruiser, except the one who warned you as they had NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS, they were clearly sitting in their places and haven't said a word. Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment which would be given without any proper Admin sit, even If a (( Clipped, Trimmed and edited )) video is used for an evidence. Thank you.
  14. You never ever explained how it was not a rule break as far as i know spawn killing is a rule-break. Someone just spawned and you taze him is not rule-break while shooting someone on spawning is rule-break? My actions were in reaction of that taze i thought i am being abused. Why i would hate someone when i don't even know him much but everyone around knows how much he hates Pakis he himself mentioned twice when he use to lead a Govt official group that i will not allow any pakistani to be in my group because i hate them. Well it's not a right place to discuss this. Yeah, i will try to resolve my anger issues and try to be a better person.
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