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  1. I was also told to appeal next month, i wasn't going to cause trouble on my new account but i couldn't resist the urge to make fun of CSM members as they play solely to embarrass themselves
  2. I just got on new account to boost the server // watch intense arguments
  3. What is your Discord account? shutuo#2678 When did you get banned? 15/12/2021 What is the ban reason? Toxicity Personal comment Hello.. I apologize for the troubles that i have done and would like to get unbanned.. most, if not all of my messages were sarcastic and there was no harm intended.. but i sometimes got angry at people insulting me for no reason and that time i was having a bad day and went all out on him... please unban me thanks..
  4. okay kid, if you find one for 13m i'll give u 20m
  5. Want my bullet for Sultan and 400k
  6. I have 2 in LS for 19m better deal than this fucking retarded jewish nolifer @Guerrero
  7. You and other people here overpay for shit cars like Bullet > you paid 11m for one, but when its a profitable thing everyone tries to jump on and make it cheaper
  8. How about one in SF for 16M? Way better imo... save 4m or 2 mins drive?
  9. faggot selling gps 965 lv creek!!!
  10. It's not, he's the owner of Four Dragons.
  11. Offer, one in Los Santos and one in San Fierro
  12. Name: Mikazuki Hiroshi number: 48
  13. fuck, lspd will crumble without hiiy flore
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