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  1. Excuse me sir but this banne take more time the expected , i am okey to get punished if i must be but sir last time you banned me full banne you toled me i can join after 2 weeks ,now it's more then 2 weeks so if you think i got enoughtly arrested from Mudoo Rp unbanne me please befor i lose my propertys and cars . Thanks
  2. I admit my fault sir and i am so sorry . Please sir can you can give me a secend chace i ll be grateful
  3. Mr enrique thanks for your time but sir i wosn't hiding inside the furniture yes i was inside and i was loading things from the car to store it in my house the proof my bandito trunk still opend if you want i ll give you my password then you can check it by yourself and the furniture was around me bcz as i toled you befor i am playing using a joypad then it's imposible for me to open the trunk with the furniture edit then i close it to load the stuff and befor i can load everything you come and banned me befor giving me time to explain myself . Thanks again
  4. i don't know what's wrong with you and i want to know but i am always respected you maybe i broke rules so much but this time i got unfair but no one care because i am the victim and not you . yes i broked somuch rules befor but not this time and was waiting for a reply just say fucking yes or fucking no and dont ignor me like this . why the fuck are you ignoring me ? just why , because it's an admin mistake or bcz i it's just a ball shit Mimos ?? .. now please just Fucking take a Fucking look at my Fucking situation and you ll undersatand. Please....
  5. What is your in-game name? Mimos_Hammi Which staff member banned you? Enrique Mendez When did you get banned? 06/27/2020 What is the ban reason? /furniture Personal comment @LocMaxMr matthew i won't bother you if it's not important but i am banned for more than 2 weeks by the respectable snr admin @Enrique Mendez for /furniture reason ,I am sure he misunderstood the situation then he banned me . Like every banned mudoo addict I ban appeled and as expected Enrique have answered me but , i didn't answer him immediatly i answed him after 3 or 4 days and i think that made him mad at me because he doesn't care about my appeal anymore i understand his madness but i told him i am sorry and i expect a reply what he didn't take time to do. Now it's my turn to get mad because i am banned for a misunderstanding and i've a resaon for taking time before i aswer to the appeal and the more dangerous is i'll lose my properties bzcause of taxs if i don't pay them ... 1- The reason of taking tame before i answer : I've the baccalaureat exam . When you banned me Enrique i was during the preparation moment so i dont really have time to check my games and i am sorry again . 2-The explication of the missundertanding of my banne situation : okey as i say in my first appel i wasn't hiding inside the furniture but i was making a garage for my Bandito car and secondly i've no reason to hide because the guy who reported me didn't rp a roberry you can check if you want but you ll find nothing about a roberry because if he said handsup or something he ll die 2 sec after just like every single of people who try to rob me . I wasn't hiding sir you can check logs or ask this guy or something else you ll understand ... all what i am asking for now is to get unbanned before i lose all what i have for a misuderstanding . I know you ll tell me why you didn't explain that to the admin before he banne you ? I tried but he banned me before i can say anything i was making a furniture . The admin come he remove it . He banned me . It's all . Thanks for your time .
  6. @Enrique Mendez Hello ???? Sir will you answer???...
  7. Hey, it's 3 weeks now i am banned 3 long weeks so please now just answer and tell me it's okey bcz i respected u and i didn't banne evade so please be cool .
  8. Ah now i understand this guy reported me right ? Okey , first i wasn't hiding bcz i xan eazly smoke him secend he didn't say anything like handsup or something u are snr u can check it and last thing i was chacking my trunk car bcz if u can remember it was a bandito inside the garage i use this shit to go in heroin place the i can run if cops come . I hope you can just chech this logs if u dont trust me i am asking you to check it just take a look on it u ll see . And please please and big please just ask me befor u banne mr derek u banned me 2 time by misundertanding for the situation . Thanks for your time ,and dont forget the logs pls ...
  9. What is your in-game name? Mimos_Hammi Which staff member banned you? ernique Mendez When did you get banned? 06/27/2020 What is the ban reason? i still have no idea Personal comment Okey now i've no idea about what's wrong with my /furniture all what i did it was making a garage for 1 of my cars and the i got banned . all what i am hoping now is some one can tell me WHAT THE F**K is this ? and then why am i banned ? bcz it's the first time some one banne me whit out any explication Mr Mendez he just come and remove my walles and then he banned me , yeah it's eazy to banne peopel ....
  10. What is your in-game name? Mimos_Blood Which staff member banned you? Ezabila When did you get banned? 04/27/2020 What is the ban reason? Asking for revive in ooc and spam /b Personal comment hello ma'am and mr i am writing this apple asking for explanation : i recruit my group to make a plan in my house when i see a player stealing my car sure i shot him but he killed " i am a very good shooter then aimbot maybe" i see the cops over my location but i can not talk when i am knoked i used /b to indic the id of the criminal , my chance to see it was rely bad then i say it again and again and agian when they see him the arrest him or i dont know i asked the officer for a revive in /b like every one do and then the admin come from nowhere to tell me no it's not allowed say your excus i toled her i was sorry i ll not do it again i was mad and bla bla bla BUT she dont banned me for spam and asking to revive /b . so i am now wrighting this hoping for remouving the banne from my ip please " My sister play too and she use my computer for'it ébut now she cant thanks to ezabila " and as i know this caind of things have like punichements admin jail max not banne , so i am hope unbanne i know i did wrong thing but i dont disurf to be banned by the way why no eny one banne this guys in GS9 they killed me 5 time i think i lost my maks and a lot of another things but no one stop them you stop only peopel like me who try the bast as they can to remove punichements , what ever now unbanne is the best what i hope and i am sorry again . last thing i know banned apeel is for permently banne only but i did what ezabila toled me " see you if forum " wtf just like if she love banning peopel
  11. What is your in-game name? Mimos_Hammi Which staff member banned you? Victore When did you get banned? 03/20/20 What is the ban reason? Call backup in pm Personal comment Hello Mr please i know i am banned just for 2days but for me it s 2 years ! I know i have so meny punichement but i ll read rulles this time befor i do something i swr . I allready stop smoking peopel and parking cars at playes , ignoring admins ... so please Mr or maam can you just unbanne me this time i am trying to be more compling just unbanne me i hope i can play tomorow if you want and so meny punichement i got was by miss under standing the situation so if i did only 1 good thing in my life please do me favor and unbanne me . Thanks every one
  12. Just unnbane me and you will see . If i do a wrong thing you can bane me again
  13. I tolled you sir every thing you will never bad things about me i promis
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