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  1. Both properties had exterior furnishing before, they just need to be reactivated. Thank you. Property NR: 613 Property Type: House Country Side Photograph showing your property from multiple angles: Property NR: 890 Property Type: Business Country Side - Lil Probe Inn Photograph showing your property from multiple angles:
  2. Property NR: 650 Property Type: House Country Side Photograph showing your property from multiple angles: Property NR: 279 Property Type: House Richman Photograph showing your property from multiple angles:
  3. Do you mind telling your real name cause your forum account is new and maybe put an actual picture of the plane not one found on google before asking for prices that fuck the economy?
  4. Alright, then move this house in Fort Carson Nr. 291 please. Thank you.
  5. Hello. I would like my current house to be moved to this place at Verdant Meadows if possible. Thank you. Current house - GPS NR 520 - first picture The house I want it relocated to - second picture
  6. BEAGLE Plane - starting 350k(the dealership price is 750k). 3KHP or BP upgrade to your choice - starting 1m.
  7. Dunno man, he's trippin' lake house with beach, also the yard is dirty, you sure you want to clean after this bozo?
  8. That's not a lake, that's a river. That's not a house, it's a trailer.
  9. IC Name: Jim_Navarro Bank Account: #1692 Any good lucks for future: HOLY SHIT man i hope you win the lottery and make giveaways like this IRL too, make a forum topic again here and it will be even hotter than this one. Anyways get a good job as a Professor or Patron or whatever u want, have an awesome wife, make a football team of kids, get a bigass house, Bugatti, Maserati, party in Miami, but most of all enjoy life and dont let shit piss you off, not worth it. Best wishes!
  10. and I just let you know you have no basis to do that but good luck
  11. You'll take him to court for what? This isn't an official auction with clear starting bid, buyout price and deadline. Its just a random ad in which you just asked for offers.
  12. Huck.

    [Buying] Phoenix

    My offer is 900k. If someone agrees with the offer contact me via Discord Philthy#8590. Thanks.
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