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[For Rental] Houses for gardening lovers!

Hernandez Corporation

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Hernandez Corporation has been looking lately into the possible improvement of Real Estate field, and because we always strive for quality and customer satisfaction, we would like to introduce our newly-in-action rental service! Our houses which are available for rental come with a gardening crib in the basement for gardening lovers, and at surprising low rental fees!

For more info, visit our website here, or click here to be taken to our contracts form page ((Discord))


  • We currently offer a max rental period of one month. If you want to continue once the period is over, you'll need to renew the contract.
  • You can have a max of one person to inhabit the premises with you. Their info and signature will be required in the contract as well.


Our Rental Fees:

Duration Price
One Week                    $200,000                 
Two Weeks $375,000
One Month $700,000



  • For Rental:
Jefferson, Los Santos, #758
Hampton Barns, Red County, #2457




Jefferson, Los Santos, #758




Hampton Barns, Red County, #2457


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