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  1. Ideally I would love if RAR became offical this to be the group HQ - but if not at the word I’m about to obtain an office and would love that moved there and a yard if applicable so I can brand the company.
  2. /me aimlessly ponders the existence of this questions. /do the robust scents linger around the room Josh Time: did you fart? /me attempts to rip a rich fart back. /attempt
  3. I don’t have one up for sale yet but I do make some great interior design’s especially with gardens I’ll attach some photos tomorrow— or contact if you’d like via profile.
  4. Name: Business / Base of Operations For Legal Group - [RAR] Type: Group Reason: I would like to have this property to be used for my group Road Accident Response; I currently have an array of 4 utility based vehicles and this location next to GPS NR.3339 would be a great spot to set up a small workshop / warehouse as our base of operations. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Image:
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