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  1. Drop your offers and hit me up. Budget - 3m. Can go for more if its on a good place
  2. What is your in-game name? Rio Becker Which staff member banned you? Tyche Blackfyre When did you get banned? 09/21/2022 What is the ban reason? Apperantly DM - And alot of Punishments. Personal comment Hello,so today i got banned by an Admin named Tyche Blackfyre,he banned me for "DM".I take that as a false accusation.I didnt DM nobody.I got reported for saying "HANDS"to a guy and following him for 15 minutes and killing him later on,and killing a Volunteer too.I killed the Volunteer as the guy i wanted to rob sttoped at him looking for help.Im very sad that i got banned from the only server i loved,and as you've seen i was the #1 in activity these months.So i hope i get unbanned,I didnt cheat and do anything.The reason behind the punishments is cause i played all day and i couldnt play without doing something wrong.So i wish me good luck further on.Goodbye
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