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  1. Admins, Please Ignore this or close it was my internet's fault Not Yours. Sorry It's Fixed now. Thank You
  2. What is your in-game name? Mike_Hendrick Which staff member banned you? Sabrina_Hernandez When did you get banned? 09/11/2022 What is the ban reason? Vehicle Hacks. Personal comment Never Used A Single Illegal Modification in SAMP from the beginning till here and I'll never use it because I don't need it... I only use ELM, some gta3.img replacements (3 cop car replace, road texture, radar map textures, weapons texture, and one skin replace on mafia skin), Gun sounds and vehicle sounds replacement, Some Weapon Aiming animations, and a timecyc replace. I believe these mods are legal and used by everyone, not only me. Just opened SAMP today and saw this ; https://imgur.com/a/M0BFbfq If you want to check my GTA SA directory? Let me know, I can send screenshots of my gta sa directory.
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