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  1. I'm guessing my sister did with account John_Dale @Enrique Mendez
  2. My brother played on this server before and told me I can play on it too cause the pc is owned by me now. It wasn't me that got my brother and sister to this server, my sister was looking on SACNR Monitor for Roleplay and saw this server. I will roleplay very ligit as police officer, I love RolePlays very much.... They relax me when playing, I will follow rules like always. @Enrique Mendez
  3. I'm only using Ernest_Smith account I never used other @Enrique Mendez
  4. Idc about my sisters but I do care about my brothers cause if his acc doesn't get unbanned then I will get banned again for ban avading even tho I didn't know my brothers acc was banned and don't want to get banned again. I didn't know he had any mods.
  5. What is your in-game name? Ernest_Smith Which staff member banned you? Vincent_Wilson When did you get banned? 06/25/2020 What is the ban reason? ban avade of my brothers acc Ricko_Singleton Personal comment I would like to be unbaned from the server as i dont want to get banned again so, i this ban appeal is also for Ricko_Singleton account so i dont get banned again for it. (ban appeal for Ernest_Smith & Ricko_Singleton if my sisters acc is banned then too John_Dale)
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