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  1. What is your in-game name? Salvatore McKay Which staff member banned you? Daniel Campbell or smth When did you get banned? 02/25/2021 What is the ban reason? Dunno Personal comment Hi unban me or don't idc. Im banevading anyway.
  2. What is your Discord account? N0TME#2624 When did you get banned? 02/27/2021 What is the ban reason? No idea >:( Personal comment I think the paki guy who banned is racist cuz im black, actually i am not but he is racist. I called him paki cuz he is using a goat pic as a pfp wtf . Fire the nigger, stop hiring chimps. Unban me or don't idc, i want to get unbanned to convince ppl to stop nolifing such paki srvr.
  3. Read the topic not the title only + I already own business so no need to showoff your inspection skills. BTW: what should i call you ? "Mr The inspector" or Conan "The Irish version"?
  4. Well yeah i want to own all those 3 business in SF. Well SF is like what i call "Ghosts cities" its abandoned. Peoples comes to it to Bomb ATMs or they are from locals Families which am from one of them. I want to bring Newcomers to this city . I want it to be alive thats why we need another Pharmacy + Hotel in SF I want them to be in Garcia the middle of SF and away of Families HQ 24/7 : there are a lot of them around LS but none of them close to Garcia. Hope you response be positive and supporting . And Thank you.
  5. I want to start a "Home Design'n'Furnishing services" And i didnt find an available office in SF. I want it in SF cause it were Cri.group that im a member in is .
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