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  1. Value: 4.5m BO: starting from 300,000$ Interior: Madd dog CCTV: none Alarm: none Image:
  2. What is your in-game name? Edward_Stokes Which staff member banned you? James_Kavanagh When did you get banned? 09/22/2020 What is the ban reason? Illegal Modification Personal comment alright so i used wallhack , it's correct and ik it was a big mistake from me and to listen for some bad friends to use it ... , and i lied to Jamal and i am accepting this mistake as well , since i just was trying to stay in mudoo , ik i made problems for players because of it , and i want to apologize for them, i wont blame the admin that he banned me , he is doing his job and it's my fault so i deserve it , So i just wrote this appeal trying to get 1 more chance in mudoo , ofc i wont use this modification again , because ik now What are the consequences of this, I know I've disappointed some people about this action, because they didn't always imagine that I was using these things , i want just to say sorry for them and Good luck in the future.
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