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[FiveM] RP

  1. Niggas in my butthole. Firstly I would like to say that the server needs another method of obtaining weapons, nowadays the officers that are supposed to be handing out licenses are completely inactive and even if they were active there isn't a way for criminals to obtain guns. I saw a suggestion with a sort of weapon dealer where you can order weapon shipments and have a %50 chance of police being notified. This is a great idea and if you could pay extra for a hidden shipment that would be great too, weapon prices and amounts of ammo should be decided by the development team I'm sure they'll do a good job. Secondly the current property/home system is annoying, because the GTA V map is so giant its almost impossible to find the current houses within the game, if there are any. I suggest that you add a sort of script where you can view properties that are for sale, state-owned and player-owned ones that are for sale. This would be a sort of real estate building somewhere in the city where you can go to place your properties up for sale and view ones that are un-owned which would defeat the problem of the map being too big. It would also make it easier to sell homes as you wouldn't need to waste money on ads and if someone wants to buy a property or sell one, they know exactly where to go. Also, I suggest that you add a 'Fake Weapon License' that would be for sale at the Black Market. This item would give you a %20 percent chance of losing your license and gaining a wanted level upon attempting to buy a weapon from ammu-nation. If you get lucky and you don't get caught using the fake license then you will get your weapon and keep the license, this is yet again another creative way to make it easier for criminals to obtain their guns from a reliable source. A good price for this item in my opinion would be around $7,500-$10,000 since you have a quite high chance of losing the item. It would also add another aspect of RP for the police, as they would have to deal with fake licensing. Besides that it would be good to balance the drug system, currently the dealers prices are very strange. For example when it comes to weed you can only make around 25k max from a weed field, and the dealers prices vary from $5 PG - $15 PG which is way too far apart. I would suggest to make it around $10 - $15 PG as it would be easier to sell your drugs. Also currently the Meth system is absolutely horrible, you usually sit there for around 30-45 minutes to make one batch of heroin which results to around $2000, on the other hand while making cocaine you would make 10k from exactly 40 minutes of cooking. The heroin system should also be added relatively soon as it looks to be the best way of making money. When it comes to the vehicle system there are some huge problems, the customization is very bad at the moment and it seems that only some of the upgrades have been added. I have noticed that for the custom vehicles you cannot add liveries and customize the interior as you would be able to on GTA Online. This is a big feature that should be there from the start as a key part of the game is vehicles. Also nowhere near the full spectrum of vehicles has been added to the dealership, some key important vehicles are missing such as the Sultan and lots more of them.
  2. maybe this is already a thing but it might also not be... add toolstores that sell things like in SAMP such as jerry cans and toolkits but also add "weapons" such as the tennis ball, flashlight, wrench, pool cue and hammer... so man can get slapped with a hammer... very good rp
  3. When playing on a lower resolution the chat takes up a lot more space on the screen than it does when the resolution is high. The lower resolution the bigger the chat is. When I set the resolution to lowest it literally takes up the whole left side of the screen. So it would be nice to be able to change chat/font size for those that don't play on max resolution and don't want such a big area to be covered by chat. I've seen on another FiveM server there are commands like /chatwidth and /chatheight that work perfectly for this exact reason, so... Would be appreciated if this was added.
  4. if someone else is doing the same taxi job it shouldn't appear on /taxipda
  5. As the title says, please add /service for emergency cars so we can repair them. Make it repairable at it's station(s).
  6. Synchronize the ingame time with the IRL Time, timezone is up to u but I guess it would be cool.
  7. Fishing should also work, from the Beach ( Vespucci Beach is the name i guess) as it's a famous and common place in many other GTA 5 servers where people meet and fish together and have a chat.
  8. Provide a message once a user without a driving license enters a vehicle, such as "You do not own a driving license, be careful of the police." simply because newbies don't even know that a driving license exists and it makes it more comfortable for players to inform them, incase they got their driving license withdrawn etc.
  9. Add a cooldown on entering/exiting properties as currently it can be abused by spamming it.
  10. I suggest to change the UI from the tablist it looks offgrid + If possible make the names a bit bigger.
  11. A command such as /properties [all/near] for admins so they can can know the id of the property they want to activate again
  12. Same as I can view my vehicles and show it on map. Something that should exist in the first release in my opinion
  13. I mean, all the other valrise servers has a panel, why not FiveM? Obviously add or remove features so it would fit with the gametype, maybe add a online version of /mdc onto it.
  14. I already suggested this to Jones, but I'll drop it here too. It should get reduced + there should be looked in of how the NPC's drive or some they are way different than usual. + Don't forget to disable NPC blimps. (They spawn randomly on the ground.)
  15. Even if leadership may have decided to not add changelog to discord yet, because of it's like early access and low playerbase for now, it would be helpfull to do so. Because PPL who dont follow the bug report section on the forums will see, that there is happening alot. Until now alot of ppl might think, there is no progress at all and just 5 ppl playing. So they don't even think about joining. If there is changelog update every day, this might change.
  16. Same as "Y" to start the engine Add this: Pressing "I" opens the inventory
  17. Add a use button once you've clicked items, GTA 5 can do more shit than SAMP nobody likes to write commands when you simply can press 1 key and use your mouse.
  18. I think we should have this atleast in the early stages so people can start communicating Ability to turn on/off the phone send/read sms call log How can players see their own number other than after buying a phone? I couldn't find a way. Add phone number to /stats
  19. Ammunation Requires weapon license which can be achieved through either just buying it from City Hall OR Visiting the SAPD forums and applying for a weapon license there. LSPD would have a team who will accept/deny these applications based on criminal record, reason etc. Ammunation will sell the most basic weapons, pistols and shotguns as well as melee weapons. We can also put it a SMG? The pricing of the guns depends on how the weapon license is achieved and how much does it cost. Weapon Dealers Criminals can sell weapons to others at low price with high risk. These weapons would be a level higher than basic ones; pistols, shotguns, smgs, rifles (AR). We still need to discuss as to how these dealers would gain the weapons. Each weapon dealer can set his own prices. Smuggle Players can place an order of x weapon which will arrive in x time at x place (somewhere in water). The player will get the location on the map. Two types of drops: 1. Insecure: A 50/50 chance of PD being notified of the smuggle. 2. Secure: 0 chance of PD being notified of the smuggle. (costs more) Players can buy a gps device which can track the insecure drops to steal it. Warehouse Factions who own a warehouse can craft weapons. The system should be similar (if not same) to SAMP as it works. The warehouse would have high tier weapons. (the below picture is outdated so ignore the smuggle etc)
  20. -Restrict people from seeing members of groups they are not in. - Remove NPC weapons. - Add /mission to FD/EMS to vie and track to current mission. - Cocaine labs should have 1 table and different labs across map, it's very easy to cook on 6 tables together less grind. - coca plant should have to be planted by people in order to farm them, random coca plants are meh. more TBA
  21. *Hide admin commands if not admin. *Add an option to buy the vehicle when previewing it. -/ad missing
  22. THIS SUGGESTION IS FOR AFTER RELEASE (sorry jones) Due to the vast majority of the vehicles (almost 500!) in GTA V, there should be more than one way of obtaining / purchasing these vehicles. 1. Dealership Normal vehicles (SUVs, Sedans etc) Some vehicles from above categories may not be included in dealerships, this is due to either being special vehicle ( armoured ) or rare vehicle 2. Blackmarket Special vehicles This blackmarket would also sell weapons (visit my weapon suggestion topic for more info) These vehicles are different from normal vehicles due to their characteristics that suits the criminal life, such as armoured vehicles. 3. Auctions Just like SAMP, there would be auctions hosted every once in a while ( monthly? ) Luxurious / Super / Extremely rare vehicles. Vehicles from other categories may also be listed here.
  23. video explains most of it, also if there's a way to block B or O on controllers whilst tuning so it doesn't fuck with the camera angle idk if that's possible though some of the stuff doesn't have the option to return to stock mostly cosmetics like spoilers, bumpers etc the price to return back to stock is really high for no reason 25k to remove the turbo? seems kinda pointless to me tuning a vehicle doesn't actually take any money from you when you purchase the basket no wheel colours or other paint types / pearlescents a prompt that says are you sure you'd like to exit aka abandon all mods would be nice too this is more of a bug but i'll just add it here so everything is in the same place free mods, just driving out without paying and they stay? you can buy stock items and the upgraded items at the same time you can buy the same thing that's already on the car and afaik there's no way to check if you have it already or not
  24. I think the business ran out of stock would be much better if it was an alert overlay instead of being at the top because when I tried to purchase some of the cars further down I had no idea why it wouldn't work and thought it was bugged I think that when you are on a category there should be some sort of indicator, either a different shade of grey or an outline Would be nice if this alert showed the price again Also the dealership prices are different to what they actually cost
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