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Player report - [afo.r]alexanderC

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  • Your in-game name
    Raf Gvardia
  • Player(s) being Reported
  • Date of the rulebreak
  • Witness(es)
  • What happened? (quote what rule was broken)

    wee were playing in stadium i was cbugging the guy said let me relog 
    he joinned with Headshot aimbote 

  • Evidence

    [03:33:59] [5] [afo.r]alexanderC: {FFFFFF}wait wait
    [03:34:00] [5] [afo.r]alexanderC: {FFFFFF}let me relog

    [03:37:12] [0] Raf_Gvardia: {FFFFFF}hhhhhhhhh
    [03:37:15] [0] Raf_Gvardia: {FFFFFF}downloaded aimbote

    [03:40:10] [1] [afo.r]alexanderC: {FFFFFF}1v1 me without cbug
    [03:40:15] [1] [afo.r]alexanderC: {FFFFFF}and i will turn it off



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