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Sickest shot I ever done on server.

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[18:47:48] You killed W3stonL(4). +1 score and $1,358. Distance: 2199.8 meters.
[18:42:04] You received +30 ammo for the Sniper rifle.
[18:42:07] [13] Stojadin_Cobra: {FFFFFF}WOWOWOWOWOWO
[18:42:07] [4] W3stonL: {FFFFFF}HOW
[18:42:10] [13] Stojadin_Cobra: {FFFFFF}I DONT KNOW
[18:42:12] [13] Stojadin_Cobra: {FFFFFF}MEN
[18:42:14] [13] Stojadin_Cobra: {FFFFFF}I JUST SHOT
[18:42:18] [22] [IX]CraZe[vVv]: {FFFFFF}hes aimbotting
[18:42:19] [0] Ahmed_jimli: {FFFFFF}ahmed 16 ommek hy ba7dheya ya far5 ija hezha 7abtch traw7 chadtli zebi wt9olli zidni bellh
[18:42:19] [22] [IX]CraZe[vVv]: {FFFFFF}thats how
[18:42:21] [13] Stojadin_Cobra: {FFFFFF}I GOT HIM IN FLY
[18:42:29] [13] Stojadin_Cobra: {FFFFFF}I DONNO
[18:42:30] [13] Stojadin_Cobra: {FFFFFF}MAN
[18:42:31] [13] Stojadin_Cobra: {FFFFFF}DAFUQ
[18:42:32] [3] _richard: {FFFFFF}who is sniping ffs
[18:42:32] [18] Marlev_Immanuel: {FFFFFF}holy boy
[18:42:46] [9] _dizzy: {FFFFFF}aman
[18:42:49] [13] Stojadin_Cobra: {FFFFFF}I sniped Welton while he driving stuntboy
[18:42:50] [13] Stojadin_Cobra: {FFFFFF}In hea
[18:42:51] [13] Stojadin_Cobra: {FFFFFF}d
[18:42:53] [14] DeltaNeo: {FFFFFF}15:55?
[18:43:02] [13] Stojadin_Cobra: {FFFFFF}DAFUQ
[18:43:03] [14] DeltaNeo: {FFFFFF}My bad.
[18:43:03] [1] [ET]Revy: {FFFFFF}MAAAAN
[18:43:04] ** [Radio] Private Stojadin_Cobra(13): Man
[18:43:10] [16] [ET]Ahmed: {FFFFFF}admins see my report
[18:43:12] ** [Radio] Private Stojadin_Cobra(13): I got him while he was flying
[18:43:14] ** [Radio] Private Stojadin_Cobra(13): In head

With sniper while he was flying, I was just shooting around and this happened, headshot kill by the way.

Ask Weston to tell ya if you do not believe me :D

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On 6/4/2020 at 10:08 AM, Silvester_Aaron said:

who asked

Who asked from you to be dickhead and go around trash talk to everyone in community. Go somewhere else and be shithead.


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