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Moderator application - Abraham_Blake

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  • Your in-game name
  • You real life age
  • Your country and timezone
    Pakistan (GMT +5)
  • How do you describe yourself as a person

    I'm a person with kind personality. I'm patient, mature and have skills to lead. I like group tasks. Exploiting, cheating and abusive behaviour is what I dislike. I like friendly and peaceful environment. Playing games in my free time is what I like the most.

  • What are your motives for becoming a moderator?

    My motives are to support the players, playerbase and the server for which I would like to take responsibility of a staff member. The time i'll be available I would help out any seeker. I would obey the orders of senior fulfilling them and contribute my time to the server.

  • How will you deal with a friend that is asking for favors?

    Simply i'll deny his request (favor) there by making sure that he understand why did I do it and its consiquences. Additionally I could contact a higher staff member regarding it if I find it appropriate.

  • How will you deal with a new player that keeps on rule-breaking, after several warnings?

    After several warnings I'll consult my senior "Junior Admin(2)+" and approve a suitable punishment apart from a warning, most likely a kick. Only appropriate punishment(s) depending on his acts will be given.

  • Any additional information you feel is relevant

    I have past experience as a Moderator in GW:II and GW:III. 


  • Screenshot of your in-game stats
    (Can't add the attachment for some reason so requesting a staff member to add it)


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