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COD:GW Stats Refund

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I have got some good news for everyone. After a brief discussion, the management has unanimously decided to refund stats of old COD:GW here. This means that anyone with appropriate proof can get a refund of their stats.


How to get a refund?

Copy the format below, fill in all the relevant information and reply to this topic with it. Please do note that we will not refund a VIP.




Current in-game name:

Old COD:GW name(s):

Evidence of statistics:

Additional info (if any):


Additional Notice:

Mudoo Gaming leadership reserves the right to deny anyone's request for a refund & to revert any changes done to a player's statistics.

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Current in-game name: Sh4dowX

Old COD:GW name(s): I always had Sh4dowX only tags were different

Evidence of statistics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bScXzpsp9Ng

Additional info (if any): I was donator and admin 4 here so I got this video as evidence when I used it  as a proof for that "cheater"

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Current in-game name: Dr.Pewds

Old COD:GW name(s): [AG]iAssassin that was changed to [AG]Dr.Pewds[MOQS] (plus/minus the tags... Thanks to imgur for reminding me these names) 

Evidence of statistics: Pic1,Pic2 

Additional info (if any): Used to be a junior admin, forum name and picture same with the old forum. 

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Current in-game name: Rootsz

Old COD:GW name(s): always is Rootsz

Evidence of statistics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM8qA-6so3w >>>>typing in chat <<<<

Additional info (if any): this is the only video that makes my appearance on the server. I have no screenshot of the times when the server was alive..

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Current in-game name: [RA]iChiwi_.

Old COD:GW name(s): SuperFlag[RA], MR.Killer[PR] (I had two accounts)

Evidence of statistics: https://i.imgur.com/9OTFm03.png

Additional info (if any): I JUST FOUND THIS PICTURE! anyways, It was a real old one from Advanced Gaming, I would appreciate that if you refunded me the previous 13500+ score that I had. I don't want the kills neither the deaths, I was a nub back then, what did you expect from a 7 years old kid that time.

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Current in-game name: Shifty

Old COD:GW name(s): [AG]Shifty salah_samara[AG] and [AG]Samara

Evidence of statistics: https://imgur.com/RvekJkP

Additional info (if any): ex senior admin in GW and junior admin in CNR, I will appreciate that to refund my account back, thank you.

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Current in-game name: Danial_003

Old COD:GW name(s): Danial_003 or [RA]Danial_003

Evidence of statistics: https://imgur.com/a/ZdxUVBt

Additional info (if any): I have more screenshots, but the one I've provided here is the latest

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