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Lately there's been continuous issues where players proceed to message every manager with same request, until one of the managers replies positively, in order to achieve a request. Such acts are not acceptable and are even punishable considering the intention. Furthermore, the issue expands to the fact that players continuously message community owners, and community managers for petty issues and questions, which could easily be solved by helpers or moderators. 


Therefore, it is necessary that we start enforcing a chain of contacts. The chain of contacts defines who is to be contacted first, and how will your issue / request travel up the ladder. Let's say you have a question, "can I use keybinds?" - should you ask that to a manager? no. You ask that to a helper. A helper, if he does not know the answer, will ask a higher ranked staff member. 


You must understand that the managers have a load of messages from a load of players continuously, and that we cannot continuously go into everybody's issues when the issue can be easily resolved by a low level staff member.


So, here's the order in which you must submit your requests or issues:






First point of contact is a helper

If the helper does not know the answer, the helper will reach a moderator or an administrator and ask about the issue.

The administrator will answer the helper. If the administrator does not know the answer, he will reach a senior administrator.

The senior administrator will answer the administrator. If the senior administrator does not know the answer, he will reach a manager.

A manager will provide a definite answer if the lower ranked staff members did not know how to answer or handle.


Do NOT directly message managers for issues that can be resolved by lower level staff members. Issues that can be resolved by lower level staff members are:

  • Refunds
  • Bans
  • Questions
  • Reports
  • ...


Simply contact one of the lower level staff members first, and they will contact the managers if needed.


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