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In-game name: Carlo Gambino

Registration date: 2017

Most recent punishment, type and date: N/A 

Current group membership: Don of Gambino Family

Previous group membership: N/A 

Motive for joining the council:  I was the previous faction leader for all mafia groups. Gambino is a recognised group in the server and we have brought a lot of roleplay and activity to the server. Our contribution overall makes me think and want to help more in the new group council.

Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: Positives: Honest and trustable person, always helping everyone in the server where I can and try to bring roleplay to the server. Negatives: Short temper against injustice and rulebreakers.

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In-game name: Tommy Wong
Registration date: August, 2018 
Most recent punishment, type and date: N/A
Current group membership: The Inagawa-kai Yakuza
Previous group membership: Mala del Brenta, SAPD, CSC
Motive for joining the council: I would like to share my baggage of experience when it comes to different groups whether it's a business, criminal or other type of organisation - I've done it all. My motive to join the council would be encouraging starting factions or groups that have been in the server for quite some time. I'm looking forward to help to organise the groups, link them more together and expand the roleplay possibilities even further to make it enjoyable and exciting with new ideas and events.
Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: Positive attributes would be leadership skills, innovation and being determined. I sometimes tend to be hot-headed, take projects too serious and overcomplicate things.

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In-game name: Finn Andolini


Registration date: 3 July 2018


Most recent punishment, type and date:  I got banned before 2 months.


Current group membership:  La Familia Di Andolini Boss


Previous group membership:  Sindacco / Corleone / La Mala Del Brenta.


Motive for joining the council:  Well,  the groups on Mudoo are very important and we always should be improving them to the better, as I have always been into the groups also currently leading a group, Im looking forward for a change into the group system on Mudoo, which is for the best so I want to extend a hand and share my ideas and my opinions within the group which I work with to make it to the better always, also to raise the roleplays and more enjoyable updates that can motivate others to RP and join the groups.


Three positive and negative attributes about yourself: 


Im a simple guy and love simplicity in everything.




I sometimes cant hold my anger, and I start talking without thinking.

I take fast decisions.

I overthink. I over analyze every single issue in my life.

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as leader of Church of Jamal Afroshaniqua i demand an invitation because I represent the non existent creativity in this community

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