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Jame_Donkey banned by Larry_Ozaak


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  • What is your in-game name?
  • Which staff member banned you?
  • When did you get banned?
  • What is the ban reason?
    map run
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    I am dreadfully sorry. This evening, a friend of mine gave me a cleo file. Because my friend is Chinese, the content of the file is in Chinese, and I can't understand it. When I entered the game and pressed X while typing, I found that my character could move forward quickly for some distance. I was very curious about this, so I held down the X, but my character walked straight ahead and fell into the ground. I'm afraid my character will fall to death if I let go. So I plan to move forward until I reach the river and then swim to the bank. In the process, I was banned.

        I promise you that I will carefully check my cleo directory in the future to ensure that there is no cheating content. If I find cheating content, the first time is to stop and delete cleo, rather than making mistakes again and again. I like this server very much. I hope the admin can give me a chance. Thank you very much.


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Hello, Jame_Donkey!


Thank you for submitting an unban request, our staff members will review it shortly. Until then, follow some of these instructions:

  1. Do not message staff members to review your unban request, it will result in extension of its reviewal time.
  2. Be honest and do not attempt to lie to us. We will deny your request upon discovering lies.
  3. Getting banned multiple times is a serious concern and should not happen at all. With every ban your chances of unban are reduced.


In the meantime, do not attempt to ban evade. That will directly lead to denial of your request.

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