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Crew Missions


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Dark web for phone



Business Robbery

Bank Heist



Criminals can join together to form a crew that would be able to do multiple illegal activities or missions together. Crews can be created by anyone but it would be roleplayed properly and approved by management beforehand(?). This is to avoid everyone making their own crews, resulting in 99 useless crews with no proper leadership or members. Crews approved by management would be able to do the missions said below;



A hotspot for criminal world where every illegal activity takes place. This would be bought from black market for some cash and will allow you to use the blackmarket for multiple things. It would have;

1. An illegal twitter like application that would have people hosting illegal races or drug deals

2. Ordering packages (drugs, weapons, other) for smuggle.

3. Trafficking imitation, advance version of smuggle where the items are in greater quality and quantity

4. Hitman contracts (must be reasonably rped properly otherwise it would permit permanent ban from hitman contracts

5. Phone tracer

6. IP changer (allows you to be more hidden while surfing the web)

7. Spy device that alerts you about smuggles or trafficikings



Criminal crew can order packages via the dark web app. the package can come with either weaponry or drugs that would be dropped in water without everyone knowing unless they have spy device. Cops would have no idea unless detectives are on to you and find you near the package which would alert them of the ongoing smuggle. Once the package lands at water, the crew would pick it up by diving under water and go back to their hideout.



Bigger and advanced version of smuggle, where you order crates via the same app with weaponary or drugs that would be in larger quantity and quality. A plane will land at sandy shores airport where you would have to unload crates onto your truck (the bigger the truck the more crates it can hold) and you would go to the droppoint to unload the crates. Other criminals can also find out about this same way as they would find out smuggle via the spy device. Cops would not be alerted but would interfere if they see you at the airport unloading. They may come to check you out.



for future


for future



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