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Position description

Server Mapper, is part of the Development Team, and is tasked with creating maps for the server. If accepted, you will be assigned a membergroup on the forum and on discord which will allow you to view additional boards relevant to mapping. Server Mappers will not receive any administrative rights unless they are already part of the staff team.



  • Must have Knowledge and experience with mapping in SA:MP.
  • Must own a mapping server or mapping software / tool.
  • Must pay attention to detail and will to spend time creating quality maps.
  • Must have will and ability to dedicate to the position.


Do not apply if

  • You have not mapped before.
  • You do not have your own mapping server or a software / tool to map with.
  • You do not know the difference between static and dynamic objects.
  • You do not know texturing and writing texts with the mapping tools.
  • You do not have free time to create maps.
  • You do not meet the above requirements.


Application form

Click here to submit a Mapper application


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