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  1. i swear i swear i swear not my wrong i have problem in my internet i swear i swear


    1. Wyatt


      yes yes yesyes yeyse sok o ko kk ok okoko ko yesyeysysssss

    2. T O M M Y

      T O M M Y

      are u idiot ???????????????? make sure he have logs Aoner left the game (disconected) not (crashed) when u say the truth may u have a chance to unban !!!! STOP LYING HAHAHAHA... JATT FOR LIFE JAAJJAJA

    3. Lara_Blood


      i think he is not lying im not sure but i had problems with wifi to and i get disconected every 5-10 min but idk what everyone get in chat crashed or disconected im really not sure...

      so dont take that as truth.

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