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  1. I Tyler Arkwood, requesting a second character. I wanna roleplay as a criminal.
  2. Thanks, what's ur IG name again?
  3. The story of Tyler Arkwood Tyler Arkwood was born on 21st May 1991 at Morocco, city of Agadir. He spent his life studying in Al Mahdi college, his father passed away recently due to stage three cancer, his mom is getting old, Tyler had to work in any job. He applied for the Police Department in Morocco, he got accepted and build a small career there. in 2015, Tyler's mom was diagnosed whit cancer too. Tyler and his mom had to travel to the state of San Andreas for treatment. after three years of treatment, Tyler's mom passed away in the night of 24/11/2019. He lost his parents, his job and everything. When Tyler was roaming around the city of Los Santos looking for a job, he found an AD! It was the San Andreas Sheriff's Department, Tyler applied and got immediately acceped a Deputy Sheriff Trainee, after four months of hard working, Tyler Arkwood was promoted to a Deputy Sheriff in the San Andreas County Sheriff's Department. He bought a house in Ganton, and he's now building a lovely family whit his wife.
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