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  1. The sad truth is that no one wants to RP a vehicle accident, nor create ANY roleplay "mission" for FD/EMS.  I would also suggest adding more vehicles for FD like the utility truck for people to roleplay it as the "Technical Support Vehicle" or whatver it's called. I really support your suggestion Luzziz because there are less and less firefighters/EMTs available. Would also be good if SAFD would actually get a good Fire Chief because the one right one (if there even is one) does absolutely nothing to improve the current state of it.

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  2. +Supported , although EMTs could have extra equipment, like Trauma Kit /traumakit or something. You would hold it in your hands for roleplay purposes and it also would look nice.


    There are almost none SAFD members in-game except some people that use NRGs or their private vehicles to do the work, and if they're needed they say they're busy. From my experience on the server I haven't really seen any EMT in action -> RPing.


    This is just my idea to the Medics topic and also the response to Kacper above ^. 

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