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  1. Property NR: 1915 [Fort Carson] [County] in front of Fire Department Property Type: House :
  2. he won't buy anything !! can ignore his bid
  3. Thoroughly tuned turismo which is fully functioning and is worth more than Buffalo will be exchanged with Buffalo!!! If any of you are interested in driving this turismo with a robust exterior body that embodies the aesthetic fusion of Ferrari and F1, kindly swap this with your buffalo!!
  4. I critically want buffalo for a certain rationale and everybody is aware that the price of turismo is a little bit higher than the price of buffalo. also the turismo is fully calibrated, therefore I encourage you to seize this chance as soon as you can.
  5. Ric_Anderson

    Lock this

    7M ( phoenix + Turismo )
  6. If anybody has a buffalo, please let me know in the comments section below or in-game. In addition, i'm offering the most favorable amount for the buffalo, therefore if anyone would like to sell it to me, don't hesitate—just do it. IN GAME- SOULJA_ANDERSON
  7. The Jefferson Motel will be the greatest if you are starting a gang or any other business-related venture, and based on the location, I believe the price of this motel was wisely set.
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