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  1. Not for sale anymore, decided to keep it. To be archived.
  2. You are temporarily banned. We don't lift temporary bans. You'll be unbanned in 6 days. Make sure that you remember what you said here to avoid future punishments.
  3. The premier is 1.5KHP , has bulletproof wheels and window level 2 Starting Bid : 4m Buyout : Will be added soon. Accepting trades with OOS cars / Business, Adding cash if needed. (Will not be sold if owner isn't satisfied with the offer)
  4. You were just denied 4 hours ago. Don't spam unban appeals. Reapply on February 1, 2023. Denied.
  5. Looks like somebody didn't see how many things I have sold
  6. This is why we need haha react on forums
  7. Property type : Business (24/7) Property GPS : 1098 Reason to relocate : It's located in Creek, Las Venturas. There are two 24/7s right next to each other. Therefore I decided to relocate the property. Current Location : Want it to be relocated here :
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