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  1. I asked for a gate not garage. Anyways, not interested anymore. You can close it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Property NR : 1610 Property Type : House Current Interior (ID) : 106 Interor (ID) I want : 97 Photos of the property :
  3. Sorry mate, it's not the one I'm looking for. I need one with a yard or open space to park cars and is gated or suitable to add a gate on to make it restricted.
  4. House : If you have a mansion which is restricted by (scripted wall) or placed a gate to make it a safe place to park cars or even if it has a yard to park cars feel free to drop the details of the house. [ No issue with the location ] Businesses : If you are selling Gas Stations , 24/7s , Pharmacy , Toolstore drop the details. [ Preferred Location LS - BB - Dillimore - Montgomery - Palomino - LV - Fort Carson (For gas stations I might go for SF as well) ]
  5. Panel > Assets > Click on the "more info" of seed shop > History at the top right
  6. Topic Updated as the person offered has invested on something else. Still up for sale, You may offer.
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