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  1. BEFORE READING The story is yet to be updated and more easy for reading soon. The story will be divided in parts. Introduction Lequan Willis is a youngster from The Great Britain, from a town called Birmingham. Early days As a kid, Lequan had a tough childhood and all of that started since he was a 5 year old, when his parents divorced. He ran away from the house where he was supposed to live with his father and he started asking people for money and that's how he was surviving cold nights in Birmingham. Teenager at his best When he grew up, asking people for money got tougher and tougher, people didn't want to give away money to some teenager, so he changed his lifestyle. People didn't see the poor teenager laying on the street asking for money but what they did saw is a teenager in expensive hoodies, trousers and sneakers. He started robbing small 9 till 5s and pharmacies where he earned some good amount of money with what he could live with. First tension Lequan did rob the stores but never shot with a gun. There was an alley where you could get anything, from drugs to guns, he bought a 9mm for few hundred dollars and quite alot of ammo, it was just in case something happens. One day, he comes into the store as he starts taking stuff and hiding it in his backpack, the worker saw him and he withdrew a shotgun, Lequan was scared for his life as he, fast as a Leopard, took out his pistol and shot the worker straight at head, the pressure on Lequan kept raising, he didn't know what to do but the instinct of the criminal led him to the cash register where he took out impressive money as he shot the cameras and ran away. Big deal After the incident, most stores added secured cameras inside and outside also with guards around. Lequan couldn't earn money easily anymore without his life encountering danger. A local gang in Birmingham called out to Lequan to work for them in their drug deals which, Lequan of course accepted. Few deals went good, Lequan earned really good amount of money but of course nothing like that lasts long, a deal failed, Lequan was lucky getting his body as a whole there. The gang immediately reached out to Lequan which afterwards threatened him to get their money back or he'll get killed. He had no other choice but to earn the money which was kind of impossible because his time was limited. New life The money he had was used to move out from Birmingham, he wanted to visit his old friends which left UK long time ago, so he boarded on the plane and lef tfor United States of America. He was going to a huge state called San Andreas and the town he'll be living in is Los Santos. Once he came to Los Santos, his friend Siyad was waiting for him at the parking. They were talking and Lequan is starting a new life. To be continued, in more posts.
  2. twitter is dead irl lol
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