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  1. Dizzy warned you verbally about it and didnt ban you straight away, doing you a great favor. Still you just went on betting with money you never had despite being warned and being totally aware of the rules. Also you have a very bad reputation that you scam a lot, Be careful next time and try to play fairly. ---------- Anyway, Unbanned.
  2. -Hey Raza, today is the review date. All i want is a picture that shows your GTA SA folder is clean (Has no illegal mods or hacks/trainers) and i will unban you. -Also make sure not to download anything you dont know the background of, you might download smth illegal without knowing.
  3. -Will be unbanned on 1st of March 2019. (1/3/2019) -DONT pm any staff member about your appeal or ban-evade or your application will be extended or even denied. -You have been given too many chances, please show a change once unbanned.
  4. -You have 48 punishments, Thats your 6th permanent ban along with 5 temp-bans -How should we trust you not to break rules again and to follow server rules? -Why should we consider unbanning you? thats your 2nd ban in less than 10 days -Why do you keep breaking rules despite numerous amount of warnings you got? -How will you improve your RP in the future to suit the server?
  5. *Review date set for 12th of February 2019. -DONT ban-evade or PM any admin about your unban application or it will be denied. -Also clean all unfair mods, trainers, hacks and cleo folders than aint necessary from your game folder.
  6. -Raza, also noticed an Sampfuncs.txt file, where is the ASI file? did you hide it somewhere or remove it? -you got 24 Hours to respond to this reply and the previous
  7. -Dude the trainer has the name of SAMP, and i saw it on youtube being tested on samp -How did you remove the vehicle mod a week ago and you were only banned on sunday (3 days ago) -You need to come up with the truth or else you will stay banned
  8. -What is that trainer doing in your folder? (Sm0ky v2.0) -Your vehicle(Infernus) mods are no where to be seen, i need a picture of them. -I also need a picture from inside Laviria Cleo 4.1
  9. -I would like you to show me a screenshot of your mods folder in GTA: San Andreas. -Why did you use such a mod, despite knowing using of mods that gives advantage isnt allowed. (Practically the infernus could jump over toll with hydraulics but not like you did ) Tax evasion can be dealt with ICly, but there is a lot of scenarios where you can use the jump either during a chase when tolls are locked or jumping certain jumps you normally wouldnt do.
  10. -Can you explain step by step how you jumped over the toll in LS-LV highway? -Are you using any vehicle mods or at least a mod for the infernus?
  11. You were temp-banned for 7 days due to excessive DM and your poor Role-play, I was really generous by giving a temp ban especially due to how much you break the rules. Anyway you will be unbanned automatically on 28th of January by the server. Any other violation of server rules will get you banned for real, i hope it doesnt happen.
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