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  1. What is your in-game name? Lucifer_Reins Which staff member banned you? Benson Jefferson When did you get banned? 05/17/2022 What is the ban reason? Multiaccount Personal comment I had two accounts : -Harry James(first account) -Lucifer Reins(Second Account with Levl 20+) Harry James account (How did it got banned and unbanned) First Day of entry in server I was guided by Renisal he was helper then i was going on normal.Then i got tired i used hack so Admin Banned me Then i got unbanned in that account Then I went in server but it showed CAC i don't know the how CAC works then i create a support regarding this in discord server then they told steps to install but CAC did not support my pc is to old the time was different due some cmos battery was old and rusty So the admins didnt accept it .so i created a new account as Lucifer_Reins and entered server normal I played for year . Then i got new laptop with good specs which had good battery long last forever. Then later i felt strange it made me to accept the truth that i multiaccounted. So please Unban me if you wish I have no worries regarding if you permanent Ban me. I had lots of friends here If you want any IRL proof like Laptop Pics, Current Laptop Pic i can send you in discord Regarding it Discord ID:VK#4777 I am ready to start from 0 level if you unban and reset my account thank you
  2. Happy birthday @SixFeetUnder Hope you enjoy this day My number is 56
  3. Name: Felix_Hill Type: House Reason: I need Garage of ID4 for the house or ID3 Image:
  4. In-game name:Felix Hill Did you fully read and understand the above stated rules?:Yes
  5. We need today car competition results
  6. Christian George Life... About Christian Name: Christian George Age :21 Parents Name: Travis Scott and Angelina Scott Born:5/8/2000 Sibilings: Jegath Empire Life Story: Christian George was born in ASGH in San Andreas. His mother and Father taken him and went to Liberty City.His brother were born before him in 7/6/1997 in liberty city. He studied San Andreas college of Liberty city where his brother also studied. After Graduation He went to San Andreas, So he got a friend his name is John Knox, He was good. Later he was decided to work in SAFMD as volunteer. He saw Official SAFMD worker so inspired him. So he went and asked to him for official SAFMD. They replied Christian " You can talk to our high staff of SAFMD ". Then he contacted SAFMD high official Get interviewed by them and He was selected as Trainee. He got many friends in SAFMD they were Piyush Lynn, Arthur Davis, Alexander Davis Guddu Pandit... His Life Continued Normally.....
  7. It is near FD, PD and LSCH so it is profitable don't forget to buy it !! Feyer welcomes you
  8. Name:Lucifer_Scott Comment:This is interesting so what government gonna do
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