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  1. Forced on CAC and seized 50% of your wealth as a ban consequence. UNBANNED
  2. Forced on CAC and seized 50% of your wealth as a ban consequence. UNBANNED
  3. Forced on CAC and seized 50% wealth as a ban consequence. UNBANNED
  4. One last chance and some amount of your wealth has been seized as a consequence. UNBANNED
  5. After a discussion with staff members we have decided to unban you but this gonna be your one and only LAST CHANCE, use it wisely. UNBANNED with a 80% wealth seizure
  6. Sir, this is only a temporary ban. Wait till next week and you will be automatically unbanned and do NOT attempt to ban evade otherwise it will result in a permanent ban.
  7. After a discussion with a Zac he has decided to give you a LAST chance but with a seizure of 80% wealth. UNBANNED.
  8. No, don't bother reapplying. DENIED
  9. Buy now my 3khp premier for 1.2m
  10. Ralph Davis Bank ID #6462 Personal comment:- I wish you all the best for future and a healthy life, we will miss you around. Take care, stay safe and lob ju
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