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  1. Name: Hammad_Ruiz Type: Group Reason: I want to change my Group HQ for Glasgow Crime Family. Reasons: 1. The Current HQ is small and we need a big HQ for Group RP purposes. 2. The current HQ was chosed in hurry and it was a personal property of a group member and he wants it back. If it gets approved will be highly apreciated. Image:
  2. Superb Character bro <3, will transform this character further, togehther
  3. thanks bro, and also thanks for helping me in editing
  4. Character Hammad Ragen Disclaimer: This is my first time writing a Character story, So dont be harsh on me if I did any mistake. I want to hear your reviews in the comments Introduction Hammad was born on 7th October 2000 in Ireland. He was born and raised in a respected Irish family. He was living a beautiful life with his family. Hammad was kind of a person always ready for new things, he used to interact with strangers and loved to make new friends. He used to spent his whole day outside roaming with friends and coming home late at night. His family didn't like his habits and always worried for him, but Hammad never cared about his family and was happy in his life. He started taking drugs with his friends at the age of 16 and doing all those works that are not considered good in society. Life of Hammad in his teenage Due to his bad habits, drug addiction, involvement with shady people, his parents decided to move away from him, as he was getting into all kinds of trouble his parents kicked him out of the house, but for him, it wasn't a problem, he had enough people to help him out. But he knew that he cant depend fully on his friends so he started working as a mechanic to earn some money. I remember one night Hammad was walking on the highway going nowhere and a vehicle arrived and stopped him and a tinted window lowered, one guy showed him a gun and said to get in the car, they took him somewhere into a big mansion, when he reached there a guy came to him, he was none other than his old friend Sanji Kelly, Sanji asked him if he would work for the Irish Mobs then in return they would look after him. Hammad accepted the offer, Sanji introduced him to the leader and other members of The Irish Mobs. He started to work for them and the jobs they asked him to do. Hammad Ragen involving in different types of crimes He was started involving in money laundering, Drug trafficking, weapon trafficking, prostitution, and armed robbery. He was getting everything, that he dreamt of. He had an addiction to drugs, but now he developed a new addiction: money. Now he gave up on drugs as it was taking away his health and his hard-earned money. One day he read in the newspaper that his uncle from San Fierro, Andrei Andu opened a logistics business, Aro Green Ltd. He managed to get in touch with his uncle, his uncle offered him a job and he accepted it. After spending two years in the company, he learned a lot about business and the company grew a lot in the time period. The world now knows Hammad as a manager in Aro Green Ltd, tho no one knows about his criminal life. Now he went to meet his family again and his family now accepted him, they realized that Hammad grew a lot since and now doing good in his life. Growth of Hammad and Aro Green Ltd Hammad was managing his business life and his criminal life both simultaneously, as he was at a good post in company same with the criminal group, he was doing good. The luxurious lifestyle that he was leading made him active on two fronts: during the day he was spending time in the Office at Aro Green Ltd. and during the night, he used to hang out with the mafia, doing jobs, spending money at the Casino, while being surrounded by attractive women. The cops were investigating his underground businesses, but he was always one step ahead of them, by the time they came around looking for him, he was already in a different city, spending the nights in a hot jacuzzi while two women were pouring expensive champagne in his glass. Now he was 21 years old, he achieved a lot much at a small age. This was the time when he had everything, his parents were with him, money was with him and he had all the luxuries of life. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end eventually. Due to his lot of activity in mafias, he got a lot of enemies with him in competition for the same objective. It was 5:30 in the evening, his usual time to go home from the office, he was just going towards his car but a Patriot appeared with four masked guys in it, they pointed the gun towards Hammad and forced him to sit in the patriot. Yes, you guessed it right Hammad got kidnapped by his rival mafia group, they took him to a hidden warehouse and tortured him a lot to know the secrets of The Irish Mobs, but Hammad was no snitch, he didn't speak anything and ended up getting a shot on his head, His last words were "You fucking assholes, you will all die like rats!" The Irish Mobs are still finding Hammad, don't know if they will come to know about his death.... Thanks a lot if you spent your time and made it to the end, This story is all based on real incidents, nothing was scripted.
  5. you got to know very late that you are tharki
  6. Great start, Good luck with it
  7. Okay current bid by Tahj that is 4.5M, pls the next bid should be atleast 5M or it will goes to Tahj for 4.5M
  8. In-Game name : Hammad_RagenDiscord id : Hammad#8462Activity this month : 30 Hour +Sequence : A - 01 19 25 32 55 B - 09 26 39 72 86 C - 33 52 64 68 91 D - 04 47 53 75 77 E - 11 29 57 66 61
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