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  1. its kinda rare cuz its a 2 digit wt
  2. Walkie-talkie slot: 83 Current offer: 120k by 75302
  3. Property NR : 1870 Property Location : East Los Santos / East Beach Property Type : Property / House Current Interior ID : House 12 Interior I want : INTERIOR ID: 120 / NAME: MANSION BY STEVE I would like to request an interior change because I think the current interior is too small and very ugly / bad looking. Photograph of the property :
  4. I want my garage's interior replaced to INTERIOR ID: 4 NAME: NORMAL GARAGE Gps: 1870
  5. Value: 1.5m Gps: 2445 Drop your offers below
  6. We deliver everything, business crates, warehouse crates, fuel. To make a order join our website: www.ccorp.com. Or call the number: 0194 . We are hiring truckers too, apply on the website.
  7. 3m for the house ((Tonio's offer is withdrawn cuz hes banned))
  8. Its the current offer he got ig
  9. Why put 3m offer if the current one is 4.5?
  10. Location: Pilgrim, LV | NR. 2907 Huge interior (Madd Doggs mansion) Level 4 Alarm with CCTV inside Value: 1,2m Starting buyout: 1m Note: Anything under 1m won't be considered. Every bid should be atleast 100k more then the last one
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