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  1. Sir, why do I even lie to you ?! I told you the whole story honestly and I never lie
  2. I don't know, sir I said all to you Can I create a new account and play?
  3. Sir, I am in an Arab country. If a fire occurs, the government will cut off the electricity so that the fire does not get bigger I hope you will understand the situation and give me a last chance. My record is very clean. This is the first time I took that
  4. Sir, I want to do the electricity, it was disconnected due to a fire near my house
  5. Sir, I did not intend to shut down, but the electricity in Egypt was disconnected And I am ready to give the amount to the discount I hope that you give me another chance, and if this thing is done I am ready for the ban
  6. What is your in-game name? Zeyed_Tattaglia Which staff member banned you? Enes_Soprano When did you get banned? 12/08/2020 What is the ban reason? Casino Scam Personal comment I was sitting in the casino and the electricity went off in my house and it was late at night and I fell asleep right away
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