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  1. Name: Maxine Comment: Stop clickbaits, and stop inciting insurrection. Hey, Pal. Government Gives SD Funds To Operate - if SD doesn't Do Good With Funds, They Get Told. SD Shares Plans with GoV, And has to Get Things approved by GOV. If they spent 4mil OuT of their Personal $$, then No Problem? Please STFU, and stop making drama because you can't release coherent Op-eds. "The State Government" Should be pushed!? Suddenly, we're the freedom fighters? Anti-authoritarian? Cringe. #On_SD
  2. to deprive of vitality, strength, or effectiveness The bill was castrated by removal of the enforcement provisions … a barrage of questions about whether energy policy dictated by the White House would castrate the EPA's drive to clean up air pollution — Nature
  3. Am thinkering that castrating the player's faculty to play the game with insane rules, and scripting is killing the server? Why flattening the skill gap curve?
  4. I still wanna know what 'racketeering' is.. I can't sleep
  5. Am Think We Release SS'es of someone manipulating our friends... Insane takes?
  6. Insane Scandal. . ... Am hope Valrise Management Doesn't Play with underhanded tactics to prove my friend's views... Please Be Nice and address The concerns like you did with UGMP instead of criticizing his history or Strawman Argument, sirs.
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