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  1. What is your in-game name? Felix Walken Which staff member banned you? Kacper Kowalski When did you get banned? 12/13/2022 What is the ban's reason? Accomplice a plot to sabotage the community Personal comment I would like to extend my apologies for any inconvenience caused during my previous ban appeal. While I understand that the deletion of a channel primarily used for memes and other content may not seem significant, I recognize that the channel also contained rhetoric that was hostile toward other factions on the server, and I take responsibility for that. I want to clarify that the channel had two managers and current SD leadership as members and they can attest that there was no malicious intent. I regret any negative impact my actions may have had. There have been conflicting claims about my involvement in the situation, but I have not been community banned, and I have not exhibited any behavior that would be considered a security threat. However, I do acknowledge that in the past, I may have been involved in certain actions that may have caused concern. If this is the case, I am willing to accept the consequences, including being community banned. If there are any concerns about my actions being a security threat, I would like to understand why I was not banned sooner and why I am not currently community banned. If it is proven that I am a security threat, I am willing to close this appeal and accept the decision. I understand that my appeal may not be well received by all and I want to assure you that I am being as genuine as possible. I am not looking for forced apologies, rather, I am merely requesting an opportunity to play again and make things right. We've all been on the server for a while and it has left a mark on my life, and I would like to continue my experience on the server without any conflicts or animosity toward anyone. If any more information is needed about my involvement, I am willing to share any information I have and provide any evidence needed to clarify my role in the situation.
  2. And for the record; if they want to resign, or send an ultimatum to management. What do I have to do with it? Your staff, your problem. If I interfered, I would be putting my nose somewhere where it shouldn't be. I recused myself and stayed away from it. Guilt by affiliation isn't a strong argument. And please- just because I knew that they were planning to resign, it doesn't mean that I knew everything else related to whatever they did. One final question; if I am a security threat, does that mean that you let a security threat access your server for 4 months with no formal sanction ever being issued?
  3. Yet the decision in the screenshot was made after I deleted a certain channel. A channel that I created on a private discord, and I didn't wish for it to be seen by anyone. I would sport a better attitude, but all I am seeing are assumptions, and nothing concrete at all. I left for months, and I never looked back. If I wanted to deal any damage, I had ample time to do so. Anyhow, you can close the appeal - I kinda realize how futile it is to deal with someone who's not trying to objectively look at the situation, nor take the time to comprehend all the details. The deleted channel was personal, and whoever was there can easily confirm that. If an SAPD chief deletes a channel he created, it would compute as tampering. I don't know. It seems like a weak excuse, but thanks for your time. If I wanted to sabotage, I could've done a lot. Maybe, I would've tinkered with SD forums ACP? Kinda hilarious that I gave my ACP access to Weston. Willingly, that is. It's definitely something that a sabotaging marauder like me would do.
  4. If you're referring to #nba-casefile? This was a channel that I created to communicate with the people whom I trusted within SD. Weston, Benson - and Thomas Harmon were a part of it. I wasn't informed that SD was a community server. Rowan was the creator, and he was the owner. No Valrise bot was there, or anything like to indicate that it's a community server. This channel could've been for trolling, or anything.
  5. Subjects? I don't think that I have removed anything. How did I ruin the experience for some people? SD is still intact, and I don't think that I have tinkered with anything nor abused my authority in any way possible, honestly. I left because I wanted to be away from the drama, and I am back to play for a bit with the little time I have for SA-MP. How did my "plan" fail whilst I was never a part of their group chat? The only information that I had about the whole ordeal is that they were going to present an ultimatum, and their mass resignation, or whatever.
  6. What is your in-game name? Felix Walken Which staff member banned you? Kacper Kowalski When did you get banned? 12/13/2022 What is the ban reason? Accomplice to a plot to sabotage the community Personal comment Uhhh — I don't know. I don't think that I was /ever/ a part of their sabotaging plan, or whatsoever. A little bit weird that I was just banned today despite the fact that I was told that I am only relieved of my leadership roles? I mean; I got banned 4 months later? I don't think that I am aware of the circumstances surrounding my ban, so I would certainly appreciate a clarification.
  7. Name: Maxine Comment: Stop clickbaits, and stop inciting insurrection. Hey, Pal. Government Gives SD Funds To Operate - if SD doesn't Do Good With Funds, They Get Told. SD Shares Plans with GoV, And has to Get Things approved by GOV. If they spent 4mil OuT of their Personal $$, then No Problem? Please STFU, and stop making drama because you can't release coherent Op-eds. "The State Government" Should be pushed!? Suddenly, we're the freedom fighters? Anti-authoritarian? Cringe. #On_SD
  8. to deprive of vitality, strength, or effectiveness The bill was castrated by removal of the enforcement provisions … a barrage of questions about whether energy policy dictated by the White House would castrate the EPA's drive to clean up air pollution — Nature
  9. Am thinkering that castrating the player's faculty to play the game with insane rules, and scripting is killing the server? Why flattening the skill gap curve?
  10. I still wanna know what 'racketeering' is.. I can't sleep
  11. Am Think We Release SS'es of someone manipulating our friends... Insane takes?
  12. Insane Scandal. . ... Am hope Valrise Management Doesn't Play with underhanded tactics to prove my friend's views... Please Be Nice and address The concerns like you did with UGMP instead of criticizing his history or Strawman Argument, sirs.
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